15M69 unit comes into service.

The military has shown a unique vehicle engineering and concealment, which cover their tracks missile systems "Yars" and "Topol-M" and can be misleading spy satellites.

The unique machine engineering and masking "unit 15M69" entered the compound Teykovskogo rocket SRF in the Ivanovo region.

According to the Strategic Missile Forces, the new machine is designed to perform multiple tasks. One of them — the engineer reconnaissance combat patrol routes of mobile missile systems "Yars" and "Topol-M". Tractor equipped with various devices, with which you can clear the area of debris, de-mine the area, to determine the load capacity of highway bridges. Also included is the tractor masking grid. It allows you to hide missiles and create false divisions.

"If you change the missile units outfield positions," 15M69 unit "have a set of false divisions of time & attendance and equipment that simulates the ability to live on the position left", — told reporters the head of the engineering service SRF Dmitry Evmenenko.

In addition, "The unit 15M69" with the established grader "sweeps" tracks submarines.

As part of rearmament in the near future and unique tractors will arrive in the Russian part of the Strategic Missile Forces.

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