18 months before the latest equipment

At this point is hard to imagine for himself a fighter of the coming of the future, which will be armed with a tee as today. All major countries are no longer first year develop sets of uniforms, equipment and weapons designed to make the out of the ordinary soldier in the Red Army Suhova a certain way, that alone was worth the whole company. Last year, it was reported that our homeland is also involved in this "arms race" in the old days and became known refreshed completion dates.

One and a half years before the new kit

In December 2011, the delivery of new Russian military fighter ekipirovok (BES), the first deputy chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov further evaluated as follows: in the next 3 years. Maybe in the past from the time a couple of months, something has changed, but the commander of the Airborne Forces, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov not so long ago, "cut" Borisov indicated time almost in half. According Shamanov combatant paratroopers will be able to try on new sets after one and a half to two years. The first "mods" who will wear the newest form and use the latest equipment to become spies Airborne. It is understandable, the specificity of their combat operation requests the-art equipment. Then the so-called BES will receive units of the first stage — they are called to lead autonomous military actions, which also commits the command to re-equip them as possible faster. In the end, when the above units will be equipped with the new BES, they will receive the rest of the drill. End date of the full equipment of the airborne troops were not called yet. But based on the total number of airborne can make the assumption that it will take 5 years or so.

Shamans caveat that at the moment of the entire set of developers there are some difficulties with the electronics. Namely, their existing GLONASS navigators still can not get a suitable precision, thermal imaging equipment at the moment is the missing permission. We can consider the words of General only as a statement of the current situation, but on the other hand, specifically neuvvyazkami electrical equipment, specifically for improvements in this area, one can explain the sudden transfer of commencement of delivery for a year and a half. Especially since the words Shamanova followed that up with "textile" part of the BES no problems and it is completely ready to launch the series. So, if allied, developing electronics, will not fail, then today's "one and a half or two years" can nekordinalno exchange, as in the least, and in a huge way. Of course, desirable to look first option.

It must be said for the development of Russian BES took not much time. First accurate and clear messages about its creation only appeared only year reversed. Then, interestingly, re-launched the debate on the French program there this purpose under the title FÉLIN (Fantassin à Équiperments et Liassons Intègres — United Infantry system equipment and communications). In winter 2011, representatives of Russian Ministry of Defence were again read about the ability to purchase a small amount of FÉLIN. The purpose of such purchases and the Ordinary is the desire of our military and designers to study foreign experience in the field of complete sets of equipment and weapons. However, since that time, new details did not arise, and it is unclear purchased all the same our military FÉLIN or not.

One and a half years before the new kit

Yet even on the basis of public data one can get an idea of what exactly is a French set. For the introduction of a uniform composition FÉLIN French textile workers made a special water-repellent fabric with a kind of supplies fire. Go with the material that is claimed, reduces the visibility of a fighter in the infrared. The design kit webbed FÉLIN possibility of usage of individual armor plates, this seemingly ordinary "discharge" is also a bulletproof jacket. Apart from our own pockets Vest also has a huge number of fasteners for additional pouches and even portfolio. Together with the "unloading" with armor plates provides protection warrior helmet. "Iron" part of it is something special — it is a common means of ballistic protection. But the exciting electric inside the helmet. The most common element of an integrated communication system. Yet, microphone and headphones are placed not in the usual way, but so that remove or transfer the vibrations from the bone / bone on the skull. Because of this the men can talk without much problems even in high noise criteria. Isolation from external sounds at all it is not, and fighter is aware of everything that happens around him. Actually system Voice communication is based on extensive development, including "civil" industry, technology, DECT. Also on the helmet placed digital camera and a screen associated with the overall information system of the complex FÉLIN. Apart from the video to the main electrical unit if necessary, can be connected to compatible sights guns, radios and other equipment. Connection is via vserasprostranennogo interface FireWire (IEEE 1394). After all, in the FÉLIN comes to the battery pack, allowing the soldier to take advantage of all systems in the complex during the day.

This development work, there are other countries — is a German IdZ, South American Future Force Warrior, Air Warrior and Mounted Soldier System, the British FIST, Swiss IMESS and others. All of these systems, of course, are the prospects and will be useful to soldiers. But it is not bad and is well equipped. Described just above FÉLIN is "only" 45 thousand U.S. dollars for one set. Far away any army can not allow yourself to one hundred percent of their own fighter equipped with similar things. Completely may be that at this moment in our country are working specifically on the lower price of the kit without losing quality. But such details, the military has not provided, because in order to make out a close Russian BES have to wait a specified General Shamanov and a half to two years.

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