1892VM10YA new signal processor with built-in GLONASS / GPS navigation

Zelenogradskaya enterprises JSC SPC "ELVIS" and of "ANGSTREM-T" with the participation of OOO "Nels" (Zelenograd) developed and introduced in series production the new system on a chip — signal processor 1892VM10YA with built-in GLONASS / GPS navigation, and low power consumption.

  • The signal processor 1892VM10YA


Chip continues a series of multi-core DSPs "Multicore" and provides forward compatibility of the software.

Processor provides 1892VM10YA ratio "core power consumption / performance" of less than 0.4 mW / FLOP at elevated nutritional 250MHz (4 GFLOPs), operating in the temperature range from -60 ° C to +85 ° C and about power consumption of the core 1 , 5 watts. When operating at 100 MHz chip consumes about 130 mW in real applications.

Chip is manufactured overseas in CMOS technology with minimal topological element sizes 0.13 microns. The number of transistors on a chip 1892VM10YA — 50.2 million

The microprocessor architecture — a triple-core heterogeneous, MIMD-type on the basis of the nuclei of the library platform "MULTICORE": CPU CPU-core MIPS32 architecture and programmable signal processor cores (dual-processor cluster DSP) with floating and fixed point, complete with multi-channel correlator for GLONASS / GPS navigation .

DSP-cluster is the next generation has a number of new features. Among them: a set of graphics commands, hardware accelerator Huffman encoder, the possibility of working out DSP-core external interrupts, the ability to access DSP-cores to the external address space, flexible boundary program memory cluster DSP; interrupt exception when dealing with floating point numbers.

When operating at 250 MHz CPU, the following Performance on known test problems:

  • Coremark — 484,3 (1,94 Coremark / MHz);
  • Whetstone (FPU) — 157,1 MIPS;
  • Dhrystone (ALU) — 475059 iterations per second;
  • Linpack (FPU) — 25042,5 KFLOPS (100 KFLOPS / MHz).

1892VM10YA microprocessor circuit provides hardware and software support functions GLONASS / GPS navigation signal processing procedures, a range of communication procedures (Viterbi, turbo coding, correlation, etc.), the image processing.

Programmable chips can be used in wide range of applications:

  • user terminals are multi-standard communication systems professional with built-in navigation, which until now have been developed solely on the basis of import element;
  • Portable GLONASS / GPS-receiver, including for mobile platforms (vehicles, rail transport);
  • equipment to digital radio (DRM);
  • IP-telephony;
  • equipment unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs);
  • radar;
  • special applications.

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