2 kindergarten opened after renovation in the Irkutsk region, and 1 in Volgograd and Yekaterinburg

Kindergarten building number 10, "Poplar" with 110 seats put in Shelekhov district of the Irkutsk region. Spent on the reconstruction of the garden means of the regional and local budgets, total — more than 83 million rubles. Admission of children scheduled to begin December 25, 2012.

December 25, Refurbished put garden combined type number 212 in the winter. It can take 248 people, the group has 11 rooms, offices manager, clerk, methodical, speech therapists, educational psychologist, gym, music room, catering department, a medical unit, storage rooms, board room, a vegetable store. Already recruited 245 students. From the regional budget to spent 32.3 million rubles from the local — 1.6 million rubles.  

The government of the Irkutsk region, reported that in 2012 during the renovation of kindergartens that are used for other purposes, put 800 people in 8 offices. Thanks to the renovation of existing kindergartens, 9 offices open 10 groups with 185 seats. Due to the construction in Irkutsk opened a kindergarten for 2 groups of 18 and 330 seats. Until December 31, 2012 in another kindergarten Irkutsk will be open 9 groups of 180 seats. Bratsk is a construction of a kindergarten for 140 places. 

Kindergarten number 117 was launched on Spartanovka in Traktorozavodsky district of Volgograd.

The building of the kindergarten was built in 1974 and functioned as a pre-school up to the 90s. And then it was released to the placement of the tax service, then four years was not maintained at all. A year ago, when his turn in kindergartens has increased dramatically, the regional authorities decided to return the children to kindergarten. Repairs were completed in December and has managed more than 22 million rubles have been allocated from the regional, federal and municipal budgets. 

These funds were repaired, restored heating system, purchased new equipment, en-suite bedrooms, game rooms, catering department and utility rooms. Another 5 million rubles was spent on landscaping, purchase and installation of small forms. 
To completely eliminate all kindergartens in the region, it is necessary to open 40 kindergartens, which is scheduled to make over the next 3 years.
Video from the opening: http://www.volgograd.ru/news/videonovosti/2012/410142.news

In the October district of Yekaterinburg opened kindergarten

Yekaterinburg solemnly opened after major repairs kindergarten number 176 on the street Trubacheva, 37 — told IPI in the press service of the municipality.
The building is pre-school for 15 years, was abandoned. In the summer of 2012 went on to builders and had a major overhaul: replace communication, roofing, facades, brought new equipment, furniture and toys.
The kindergarten will be music and sports halls, cozy bedrooms, a modern medical office equipped with the latest technology catering department.
The new garden is designed for groups of 6, and in 2013 it will open its doors to 120 preschool age children.
We add that this week is scheduled to open another kindergarten in Chkalov district of Yekaterinburg. It will become one of the largest pre-school institutions in the city, garden seats up to 270 children. The grand opening of the new children’s garden at Roshchinskaya, 25, will be held this Friday, December 28.

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