2 more modernized Su-25 to Su-25M1

 Photo source:in.ua

299th Assault Brigade Aviation Air Force Armed Forces of Ukraine (which is deployed in Kulbakino) received two Su-25M1, the last upgrade to GP Zaporizhia State Aircraft Repair Plant "MiGremont."

Nikolaev pilots — Wing Commander Colonel Yuri Pogoreliy and senior navigator Brigade Major Alexander Dyakiv taken from Zaporozhye awaited aircraft.

According to Alexander Dyakiv, the plane really become more docile as in piloting, and in the execution of tasks — now ground targets will be just amazed even in zero visibility conditions. However, despite the fact that after the modernization of the "rooks" (the informal name of the Su-25) will look great and are reliable, Alexander Dyakiv admitted that pilots would be desirable and new aircraft.

A brigade commander, Colonel Vladimir Pomogaybo after landing "dryers" reported that a completion increased combat readiness of the brigade.

"Aircraft have new GPS domestic production, which will help pilots more accurately perform combat missions pilots, the new systems SHS, upgraded radio, modern calculators sight. Last year the team won with "MiGremont" two upgraded Su-25M1 and "Sparky" Su-25UBM1 "- said the commander of the brigade.

According Pomogaybo, the cost of upgrading one of the Su-25 — about 4 million USD, and the purchase of the new aircraft will cost at least the amount that can be spent on modernization of 4 aircraft.

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