20,000 children sleep in shelters in New York every day

According to the Homeless Coalition (Coalition for the Homeless), about 20,000 minor children daily spend the night in shelters in New York City. This figure could be much higher, but 65% of the homeless were not able to get into shelters due to lack of availability. 

In general, the situation with the homeless catastrophic. Over the last fifteen years, the number of families living on the street, has grown by 15%. Approximately 50,000 people a day do not know where to spend the night. As an accommodation places they choose subway station entrances Building and vacant lots where you can build a fire and sleep in the open air. 
Virtually all programs by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to help homeless fail miserably. In addition, the mayor refused to increase the number of beds in shelters and forbade citizens to transfer food to the poor on a voluntary basis. According to Bloomberg, the homeless donated sandwich can be harmful to his health. The head of New York believes that even without money to buy food, the poor need to eat "healthy and tasty food." 
In other big cities in America with the homeless situation is no better. In the middle of the summer, for example, human rights activists reported that many homeless families from the southern states (especially Florida) specifically move to New York to find temporary refuge in a shelter. 

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