20 hours in the air: strategic bombers conducted large-scale exercises

20 hours in the air — strategic bombers from the air base, "Engels’ near Saratov held large-scale exercises in strategic deterrence. Typhoons in full combat equipment of non-stop flying along the northern border of our territorial waters.

This is the case when the sunrise and sunset can be seen several times a day. "Russian bear" cut through the twilight screws in the morning to be over Kamchatka. Large-scale exercises long-range aircraft — the routes of nuclear deterrence. And the flagship — the Tu-160, which is called the "white swan". For the grace and agility.

Appetite for "White Swan" is not a bird. Atrocious. 160 tons of aviation fuel tanks contain missile. It’s about 16-17 oil tankers. But even they are not enough to fly around the country and return to the base "Engels". Therefore, one of the main and most difficult elements exercises — in-flight refueling.
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Distance from the tanker aircraft — 20 meters. The speed at 600 kilometers per hour. "The hose length of 20 meters, representing. This is all on top, piece of work, it is necessary to approach, enter the body, the meter in diameter, "- says the commander of the strategic bombers Tu-95MS Vyacheslav Kosulin.

The Major TVERITINOV puts a personal record. Takes in the sky 47 tons of fuel. And striking a conditional target for the Kura test site. Now the fuselage will be another "star". A check of the cruise missile will be the mascot.

"The rocket — this is the main dream of combat pilots, we all aspire to it," — said the commander of the strategic bombers Tu-160 Igor TVERITINOV.

That Russian "White Swan" — that NATO has "Black Jack". The exercises long-range aircraft are closely watching the neighbors. Hardly rocket carrier, who has taken a course already in the North Atlantic, is in international waters, sit on the tail of the Norwegian F-16. But the Russian pilots do not care.

"Relations friendly, waved, everyone understands — the pilots. They are doing their work, we are his, "- said the commander of the strategic bombers Tu-95MS Vyacheslav Kosulin.

Even in the duration of the flight — and today’s overall record is 24 hours and 24 minutes — the crew has been staying in their jobs. To get up and stretch your legs, there are literally a few minutes. But you can warm up the canned food.

"The water in a thermos, which can also heat up, well, warm up food in this tiny oven" — says the commander of the strategic bombers Tu-160 Alexander Byhalov.

In this convenience to an end — for armored bulkhead 12 cruise missiles. With a maximum takeoff weight of 275 tons, "The Swan" is still flying at twice the speed of sound and at an altitude of 16 kilometers — that’s stratosphere. The car, which began to develop as early as the fifties, and in the nineties were able to keep from literally cut in the Ukraine, and today the standard in performance.

"Next will be even more profound modernization. It will fly 30 or 40 years, we have not chosen the combat potential of the whole ", — said the commander of the Russian Air Force long-range aviation Anatoly Zhiharev.

Ten years ago the raid officers did not exceed ten hours per year. Today, the opposite is true. "All pilots are constantly in the sky, all ottrenirovany, no breaks in the flight training no one" — said the commander of the Guards Red Banner Engels airbase Vladimir Popov.

On the job they are greeted personally Commander. According to tradition, a tray of roasted pig. But first — debriefing.

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