20 years ago it was established high title of Hero of the Russian Federation

  March 20, 1992 Russian President signed the Law of the Russian Federation "On establishing the title of Hero of the Russian Federation and the establishment of a special sign of distinction -" Gold Star ".


Hero of Russia became the first representative of the Air Force — the chief center of Lipetsk combat training and retraining of pilots of Air Force Major General Oskanov Sulambek Susarkulovich. High rank he was awarded for his courage and dedication shown during the performance of 7 February 1992 flight assignments, during which there was a failure of aviation equipment and general Oskanov their lives to prevent a plane crash in the town.

Total in military annals of modern Russia the title of Hero of the Russian Federation awarded 573 military personnel. 69 of them are still military service in the Armed Forces of Russia.

In 2011, after successful tests of the newest weapons title of Hero of Russia was named deputy commander of the Northern Fleet submarine captain 1 rank Alexander Moses.

In February 2012, a special sign of distinction — the medal "Gold Star" was presented to the President of the Russian commander of the nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet Captain 1st Rank Alexei Dmitrov, who became the 30th hero of Russia in the Northern Fleet and the 14th submarine officer to be awarded this title .


                                                               Office of the Press and Information Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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