2010 was a year of new developments in the ABS ZEIM Automation

 Photo source:i-mash.ru

The past year has brought "ABS ZEIM Automation" a whole range of new equipment.
The developers of the plant was established thirteen new products in the field of drive and control system devices.
Among them:
single-turn mechanisms obschepromyshlensponom performance MEOF-40-100 MEOF, MEOF-250-630 MEOF, MEOF-1600 MEOF-4000
Multi-turn actuators TEM (A) -100, TEM (B) -200, TEM (B) -400,
single-turn mechanisms MEOF-40-QAM MEOF-100-QAM MEOF-250-QAM in an atomic execution of c torque limiter,
intellectual starter LRT-IA in atomic design.
"The number of products developed by specialists of the company over the last two years exceeded the number of new products last seven years", — said the head of technical development and the development of "ABS ZEIM Automation" Andrew Darwin. — New technology can greatly simplify the process control system with minimal cost, while improving the reliability and functionality, making them easier to use. "

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