Ðóíåò 2011: Beautiful figures

Yandex became a partner (provided the video search) Czech Seznam, which is unique in Europe, as well as Yandex holds the advantage in their own internet market by confronting Google. Became aware of the imminent opening of an office in Poland.

The size of the Internet audience Russia ranked first in Europe, ahead of Germany. In September 2011, in runet logged 50.8 million unique visitors.

In August domain. RU ahead of the number of domain registrations in China (. CN) and the European Union (. EU) and moved from sixth to fourth place among the national top-level domains.

 Photo source:gazeta.ru

Google Yandex banned. In autumn 2011, has disappeared to choose the default search in the process of installing the browser. Climbing into the code, interested discovered that it was made only in units of Russia. Yandex loudly indignant at the press back option. Resented a reason: studies show that only 5% of people in general are changing at least some default settings.

Livejournal-Singapore is hosting more than 50,000 online stores. In 2011 the total amount of transactions in online stores based on LiveJournal blogs in Singapore was $ 72 million. If the Russian LJ — it's media platform to deal with flashing lights and the saw cut, then Singapore is a place for commerce. Learn Blogshopy sell any goods, from clothing to food.
Learn the audience in Singapore is 1.2 million people, in order to go shopping every month 480,000 visitors.

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