2012 — moved to Tambov more than a thousand compatriots

Today in the Tambov region home to nearly 2,300 members of the regional program and members of their families. The most productive in terms of resettlement of compatriots was in 2012 — at the Tambov moved over a thousand chelovek.Svyazano is, first of all, that was expanded boundaries of the universe: the fall of 2011 all the Tambov region was open to participants in the program. Today, immigrants may choose their new place of residence is any town — the town or rural area. 

Most of the program participants and their family members have chosen their place of residence in rural areas. Mild temperate climate and fertile black soil makes Tambov attractive to those who want to work the land.

Almost 80% of compatriots who came to the area they have found employment. Currently, cities and districts of the region, in total, are ready to offer his compatriots from a thousand to fifteen hundred vacancies and job bank updated monthly. Requires both manpower and a highly qualified workforce: machine operators, welders, drivers, doctors, engineers. Many of the experts are provided office accommodation. Also look for a new affordable apartment or house can be the portal for compatriotshttp://pereselen-tmb.ruor on the websites of the municipalities.

For the temporary resettlement of participants of a regional program in the region are working temporary accommodation centers. Here is everything you need for a comfortable stay for the first time furnished rooms, showers, a kitchen equipped with modern appliances.

Are ready to take compatriots 11 such centers in the near future will be put into operation four more. Thus, in 2013, 50% of the area will have their temporary accommodation centers. It is worth noting that only 5% of the arrivals of compatriots living in temporary accommodation centers in the service housing — 10%, 50% self-employed. More than a third of immigrants have bought their own homes.

Another plus of the program on the ground Tambov — improvement of the demographic situation. People come to the region, mainly of working age. And along with their children, they are moving up a third arrived in the region.

Over the entire period of the regional program (Tambov region in 2007 was one of the "pilot" regions, where they perfect the mechanisms of its implementation) has repeatedly been adjusted based on the experience, the wishes of compatriots and other factors. Today we can say with confidence — oiled machine helped Tambov enter one of the three Russian regions, which presented the best designs programs to assist the voluntary resettlement of compatriots living abroad for 2013-2020. To such conclusions interdepartmental commission on the implementation of the state program.

Now the program is aimed at the coordination of the Government of the Russian Federation.

The program has three sub-programs: "The project resettlement" Skilled "," Project Resettlement "Compatriots — members of the State Program", "Project Resettlement" Teach young people. "

The implementation of resettlement project "Compatriots — members of the Tambov region of the state program" to some extent, will promote the development of agriculture, small-scale farming in the village of Tambov region.

Sub-program "Project Resettlement" qualified experts "will provide the Tambov region by qualified engineers, builders, educators, and including doctors. Today the region is an acute shortage of specialists in this field. At the same time, the region has a positive experience in attracting physicians. Municipalities Michurinsky, Sosnowski and Nikiforovskii areas under the program purchased apartments for families of doctors of various specialties in which these areas are in need for a number of years. As a result, Nikiforovsky district came eight practicing physicians in Michurinsky — six in Sosnowski — four. Surgeons began to work in Umetskom, Inzhavinsky areas.

Sub-program "Project Resettlement" Teach youth "will attract young people to study in educational institutions of the region.

Regional program provides the ability to move displaced within the region in accordance with the changing needs of the labor force and demographic situation of, and emerging new opportunities for employment program participants.

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