22-year-old girl from Dnepropetrovsk won the world championship dancing on a pole

22-year-old Ukrainian woman Natalia Tatarintseva from Dnipropetrovsk won the World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship 2012.

Competitions on the floor Dance held in Zurich, Switzerland. Competed for the awards competition dancers from 26 countries. The winners were determined in men’s, women’s and doubles categories. First place in the women’s events took a representative of Ukraine.


The second was the Frenchwoman Laurence Ilsum. The last place on the podium went to the Russian woman Pauline Volcheck. Champion among men has become the representative of France, Kim Martinez. Second place went to Christian Lebedev of Russia.

Third place left for the Ukrainian Alexander Shchukin. In doubles competition was the best duo of Hungary. The United Kingdom and Estonia took the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. Dancing on the pole (pole dance, dance floor, dancing on a pole, pylon sport) is a sport that combines dance with gymnastic exercises on the pylon (pole).


This activity is considered to be a kind of fitness, which is based on the aerobic and anaerobic exercises and combines elements of dance and acrobatics. Experts call this discipline with a mixture of dance and sports. At the same time emphasize that this type of dancing is not to be confused with a striptease.

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