220 Volt + 1 bottle of water = Russian unique welding system

Industrial and domestic "plazmatronchiki"

"Multiplaz-3500" — the invention which has received the "Grand Prix" of the World Salon of Inventions of Geneva. For the first time in the history of metal working industry with the technology of plasma from a special blend of found absolutely secure, portable, powerful, versatile and environmentally friendly way to heat treatment of metals with a thickness of 0.3 mm (cutting, welding, brazing, hardening, plating, etc., etc.).

Plasmatron "Multiplaz 3500" consists of a plasma torch and electronic power supply weighing 9 kg! The essence of the process in the plasmatron is as follows. Inside barrel burner between the nozzle-anode and the cathode an electric arc is ignited, which converts the liquid located in the first vaporized and then plasma state. This vapor is ionized and naturally formed under pressure exits from the nozzle as a burner jet plasma temperature 8000 ° C, with which the processes are carried out, and cutting, welding, soldering and other heat-treating non-flammable materials.

The uniqueness of the device "Multiplaz 3500" primarily in economic efficiency. Since its application does not require compressors, transformers, LPG and other, having heavy weight equipment, then to site the unit is delivered in a small bag on the shoulder of the welder.

The working fluid for the "Multiplaz-3500", depending on the ongoing process, is either plain water (cutting materials) or 45-50% solution of any alcohol(Vodka) or acetone for high-quality welding.

international patents № RU-98-00040 Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Korea, the U.S., Australia, Braz, Canada, and Israel.

This technology won three gold medals at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Brussels, Geneva and Sofia.
In addition, the 26th World Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva for the first time Russian inventors were awarded the Grand Prix.

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