23 new BelAz joined the fleet of Russian HC SDS-Coal

Belarusian Automobile Plant in June last put to the HC "SDS-Coal" (part of the holding "Siberian Business Union") from 23 new dump truck, including seven 220-ton BelAZ-75309 (three of them went to cut "CHernigovets ") and 16 BelAZ-7555V capacity of 55 tons. Another six dump trucks BelAZ-75309 are at the manufacturing stage and will be sent to the section "CHernigovets" in the near future.

The first batch of 220-ton crane BelAZ-75309 HC "SDS-Coal" purchased in 2011. Tipper loved for its maneuverability, ease of operation and reliability. This model is equipped with 16-cylinder MTU DD 16V4000 capacity of 2300 hp and electromechanical transmission. 

Upon request by dump trucks used electric company "Power Machines" (the set includes two traction motor, traction generator, control devices and control devices). Comfortable for the driver’s cab is equipped with an adjustable anti-vibration seat, auxiliary seat for an intern, adjustable steering column, air conditioning, and increased dust and noise isolation. On-board computers allow you to track the parameters of the engine and vehicle load. Weight of truck BelAZ-75309 unloaded — 156.100 kg (standard), gross weight — 376,100 lbs. Fuel capacity — 2900 liters. Maximum speed — 60 km / h

The cut "CHernigovets" — the largest coal producing company in HK "SDS-Coal", located in the north of the Kuzbass (head office — in Berezovsky). This open-pit mining is a high-quality thermal and coking coal grades SS and CS. Own concentrator section provides release carbon classes PC, KO, OM, OMSSH, WM and school, the quality of which corresponds to the world standards.

In April this year the fleet cut "CHernigovets" has added three 240-ton BelAZ-7531. In general, at present there are 9 BelAZ dump load capacity of 320 tons and 25 — carrying capacity of 220-240 tons.

Holding company "SDS-Coal" is a strategic partner of "BelAZ" and constantly buys mining trucks produced in Belarus to work on their sections. For example, in 2012 the Russian coal miners have purchased 44 heavy car brand BelAZ and for January — June of this year — 35 units Belarusian mining techniques.


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