25th anniversary of the incident off the coast of Sevastopol

A quarter of a century ago, February 12, 1988 was a very important event in our territorial waters of the Black Sea with the U.S. Navy and the Navy of the USSR. The U.S. Navy learned my lesson. Events distant ’88 still have an impact on our present reality — to fear our enemies and peace of mind to our citizens.

"February 12, 1988 Mr. Black Sea Fleet there were events that were" booming "resonance in the political, military and naval circles of various countries. On this day, there was a serious incident involving warships of the U.S. Navy cruiser 6 URO" Yorktown "and destroyers with guided missiles "Caron" Welcome to the Black Sea and violated the state border of the USSR. director and the main "actors" of the operation to oust the Americans from our territorial waters were: Admiral Valentin Selivanov Ye (former commander of the 5th Mediterranean Squadron, then Vice Admiral, Chief of Staff of the Black Sea Fleet, later Chief of Staff of the Navy) Vice-Admiral Nikolai Mikheyev (then Captain 2 rank, chief of staff of the 70th Brigade, 30th Division antisubmarine ships BSF), Rear-Admiral Vladimir Ivanovich Bogdashin ( while Captain 2 rank, commander of the TFR "whole-hearted"), Captain 2nd Rank Anatoly Petrov (then commander, the commander "SKR-6").
Valentin Selivanov.

Operation Black Sea Fleet ships, which will be discussed below, preceded by events in the country and their implications related to the violation of the state border and a span from the Baltic Sea through Western Union space (05/28/1987 g) of the German air adventurer Rust landed his airplane type sports " Sesna "right on the Red Square in Moscow. After the destruction of the Far East Korean intelligence "Boeing" disguised as civilian aircraft, acting Minister of Defence: not to shoot down civilian planes! And for good reason, did not have to be sorry — because the consequences of the antics of Rust extremely negative impact on the entire military establishment.
 The emerging in February 1988 a new voyage of American ships cruiser URO "Yorktown" (type "Ticonderoga") and destroyer URO "Caron" (type "Spryuens") in the Black Sea Black Sea Fleet command learned in advance (exploration fleet monitor all 6 Navy U.S. Navy ). Given, as I have explained above, the situation in the sun after the "antics" of Rust is, naturally, we could not allow that a new provocation of Americans in violation of our maritime borders, if they take in head again repeat its last move, would have gone to them with impunity. Therefore, before the arrival of U.S. warships to the Black Sea Fleet headquarters had been planned operation for tracking and countering them marked patrol ships "whole-hearted" (project 1135) and "SKR-6" (D.35), appointed commander of the naval group — Chief of Staff 70th Brigade of the 30th Division of anti-Black Sea Fleet ships captain 2 rank Nikolai Mikheyev. With the commanders of ships and ship’s group had produced a thorough review of the plan of operation to losing all the action on the maps and maneuverable plates. Ships in the operation were distributed as follows: TFR "whole-hearted" as the larger displacement on the ship, was to accompany and to counteract the cruiser "Yorktown" and "SKR-6" (small in tonnage and dimensions) — destroyer "Caron". All commanders have been given specific instructions, as soon as it is found that the Americans intend to proceed in our territorial waters, to take a position on the board of American ships from our shores, to warn them that the course of their ships leads to the territorial waters, further, if the Americans did not heed this Prevention, with the entrance in their territorial waters to make each of our ship "bulk" on American ships. Commanders understand their problems, and I was sure that they perform their tasks. Plan of operations approved Navy Commander Admiral VN Tchernavin.

It was envisaged that with the entry of American ships in the Black Sea Our ships meet them near the Bosphorus and start monitoring them. I ordered the commander of the group after the meeting with the Americans applaud their arrival in our Black Sea (just do not forget to salute the word our) And pass that we would swim with them. It was expected that U.S. ships will proceed first along the western coast of the Black Sea, "zabegut" in the territorial waters of Bulgaria, Romania (they previously did), and then will move to the eastern part to our shores. Well invade our territorial waters, they seem to try, like the last time, in the southern tip of the Crimean peninsula (Cape Sarich), where the boundaries of territorial waters represent a triangle configuration with extended south summit. To evade this triangle Americans are likely to again become, and will go through the territorial waters. More places for such a "demonstration" of a violation territorial waters in the Black Sea theater does not exist. And here it was supposed to happen and the main phase of the operation, namely the exclusion or expulsion of our territorial waters of American ships with the "bulk" on them if warnings for violation of territorial waters they will not work. What is the "bulk"? This is not a battering ram in the full sense of the term, and the approach speed at a slight angle as if at a tangent to the side of the object and the displaced "polite" his "repulsion" with lapel withstand them from the course. Well, the "civility" — it’s how it goes.

Our ships have taken American ships to escort immediately after the release of the Bosphorus. Welcomed, have warned that they will swim with them, make them a "company" in the Black Sea. The Americans responded that they do not need help. When I got these first reports gave Mikheyev: "Tell the Americans, still have to swim together. They are our guest, and the laws of Russian hospitality guests leave without attention we have not accepted — but what if something happens to them . " Mikheev all passed.
The Americans were Bulgarian territorial waters, territorial waters and then Romania. But there were no ships Romanian (Romanian Fleet Command had already ignored all of our instructions and suggestions.) Next American ships turned away to the east, went to the area of 40-45 miles south-southeast of Sevastopol and started there are some strange maneuvers. Rather, they were carrying out a change or bookmark our special equipment connected cable lines eavesdropping. Spinning American ships in the area more than two days. Then he went over and maneuvered directly adjacent to Sevastopol marine territorial waters outside the zone.
February 12 I was at the KP Fleet (Fleet Commander Admiral MN Hronopulo somewhere departed for). At about 10:00 a report to Mikheev, "American ships lay on the course 90 °, which leads into our territorial waters, speed 14 knots. Prior territorial waters 14 miles" (about 26 km.). Well, I guess — to territorial waters for another hour course, let them go. I order Mikheyev: "To continue tracking." After half an hour the following report: "Ships are the same course and speed. Prior territorial waters 7 miles." Again, I think that they will continue to do: enter the territorial waters or was retracted at the last moment, "parrot" us? I remember myself in the Mediterranean "harbored" ships of the squadron from wind and storm surge in the territorial waters of the border polukabeltove (width 6 miles) from the Greek island of Crete (his mountain weakened by the wind). And did not think that we have something to break. And Americans might as well go up to the territorial waters, and then turn away, without breaking anything. Next comes the report: "The border 2 miles of territorial waters." Pass Mikheev, "warned Americans: your course leads to the territorial waters of the Soviet Union, the violation of which is unacceptable." Mikheev reported: "Narrated. Respond that they do not violate. Follow the same course and speed." Again, I give orders Mikheyev: "Once again warn Americans: a violation of territorial waters of the Soviet Union is unacceptable. Have you an order to displace up to Nabal and ram. Tell all the air in clear text twice in Russian and in English." Mikheev again reported: "Narrated. Repeated that they do not violate. Course and speed of the old." Then I order Mikheev, "to take a position to displace." We are at the briefing provided to pile even more severe and caused more significant damage to the ships anchor slip right and keep them in limbo for anchor chains under Clusaz starboard. So high forecastle TFR "selflessly", and even hanging out on the right anchor would fundamentally break the board and all that falls under the pile on the board displaced from its course of the ship. Mikheev report continues: "Before territorial wat
ers 5 .. 3 .. 1 cable. Ships took position to Nabal." Next report: "The American ships entered the territorial waters." To clarify the situation, requesting combat information center (BIP) of the fleet: "To report accurate location of all ships." Receive BIP report: "11 miles, 9 cables from the coastline." So, do Americans still have got into our territorial waters. I order Mikheyev: "To act on the plan the operation." He says, "Got it." Both of our ships have begun maneuvering for "Nabal" on American ships.
Next, I received reports of only maneuvering TFR "whole-heartedly." Maneuvering "SKR-6" monitor and receive reports from its commander Mikheev. I remember that it was almost exactly at 11.00 h., Mikheev reported: "Friends with cruiser up to 40 meters," … and then report every 10 meters. Sailors are as difficult and dangerous to perform such maneuvers: a huge displacement of 9200 tons cruiser and him on the move, as it were, "moored" patrol displacement of 3000 tons, and on the other "side" against the destroyer displacement of 7800 tons storozhevichok operates a very small displacement of the 1300 tons. Imagine: a moment of convergence closely with the little storozhevichkom, put the steering wheel sharply destroyer "hard a-port" — and what will happen to our ship? Do not be turned over — and it can be! Especially since the formal rights in such a collision would still be an American. So difficult and dangerous task were to perform the commanders of our ships.
Mikheev report: "10 meters". And immediately, "Please" good "act". Although all of the orders he had received, but apparently have decided to err — suddenly the situation changed, besides all the talks on the air and recorded by us and the Americans. Hand him again: "To act according to plan operations". And then there was silence. The situation on the CP fleet tense, I just connected with Mikheev, OD fleet with ASDs tube apparatus in the hands of all the parallel actions, orders, reports transmits to the CCU of the Navy, and from there it all is transferred to the CCU of the Armed Forces. The entire calculation in the manual.
I watch with a stopwatch — spotted from my last orders to: Arrow ran a minute, two, three … Silence. Do not ask for, I understand what is going on ships: one business coaching and losing to maneuver plates, and another thing, how things turn out in reality. Clearly imagine how high forecastle "whole-hearted" with tears posted anchor overboard and massive nasal add USS "Yorktown" (add at the same time it is designed from the ship). But what will happen with our ship of such mutual "kisses"? And what happens in the second pair of the sea "corrida" between "SKR-6" and the destroyer "Caron"? Doubt, suspense … I thought that if this kind of "mooring" on the go may Mutual sucking (‘sticking’) ships to each other. Well, as Americans rush to "boarding"? We have provided such an opportunity — the ships are formed and constantly practiced special assault squads. But because Americans are much more … All of this goes through my mind, until there are no reports.

And suddenly I heard a completely calm voice Mikheev, like the drawing of such scenes on the cards: "Walked through the left side of the cruiser. Broke launcher rockets" Harpoon. "The broken Two rocket launchers hang out containers. Demolished all lifelines left side of the cruiser. Shatter commander boat. Somewhere broke board and side trim bow superstructure. Our anchor broke away and drowned. " I asked: "What the Americans are doing?". He replied: "Played emergency alarm. Avariyschiki in protective suits waters launcher" Harpoon "from hoses and hose pulls into the ship." "Missiles are burning?" — I ask. "Not that I know, fire and smoke can not see." After that Mikheev report for "SKR-6", "passed along the port side of the destroyer, cut down a rail is broken down boat. Breakthroughs sheathing boards. Ship’s anchor survived. But American ships continue to jump the same course and speed." I give the team Mikheyev: "Run repeated pile." Our ships have begun maneuvering for its implementation.
How it all really happened in the area of "Nava" and tell Nikolay MikheevandVladimir Bogdashin.
By the time of the approach to the territorial waters American ships followed as if in a system bearing the distance between them of about 15-20 cables (2700-3600 m), — thus cruiser in front and farther out to sea, the destroyer closer to the shoreline to the heading angle of the cruiser 140-150 grad. port side. TFR "whole-hearted" and "SKR-6" in the positions of tracking, respectively, for cruisers and destroyers on their course corners left sides of 100-110 degrees. at a distance of 90-100 m behind the group maneuvered the ship two of our border.
On receipt of orders "to take a position to displace" the ships declared alarm, nasal sealed compartments, including personnel withdrawn, torpedoes in the devices in combat-ready condition, bullets lodged in the gun mount to the line in the breech loading, deployed emergency party assault platoons in readiness in places of schedule, the rest of the personnel on duty. The right-wing anchor posted on the anchor chain of the hawse. On the bridge of the TFR "selflessly" Mikheyev keeps in touch with Major Navy ships and manages the group manages Bogdashin maneuvers the ship, here the officer and translator carries out constant radio contact with American ships. Converged with the cruiser at a distance of 40 meters, then 10 meters ("TFR-6" with the same destroyer). On the deck of the cruiser, poured floors add sailors and officers with cameras, video cameras — laughing, waving their hands, doing as it is accepted by American sailors, obscene gestures, etc. On the open left wing commander came flying bridge cruiser.

With the confirmation of orders to "act according to plan the operation" went on the "bulk" cruiser ("TFR-6" — destroyers). Bogdashin maneuvered in such a way that the first shot went on a tangent angle of 30 degrees. to the left side of the cruiser. From impact and friction sparks boards and caught fire on-board paint. How then told the border guards for a moment as if the ships were in a cloud of fire, and then after a while they wore a thick plume of smoke. Upon impact our anchor one paw ripped lining board the cruiser and the other made a hole in the nose of the board of the ship. The blow was thrown from TFR cruiser stem our ship went to the left, and the food was dangerous to approach the board the cruiser.
On the cruiser played an emergency alarm, personnel rushed to the decks and platforms down, the commander of the cruiser ran into the navigation bridge. At this time he seems to have only briefly lost control of the cruiser, and he turned away from the blow somewhat to the right, which further increased the risk of Nabal on his stern TFR "whole-heartedly." After that Bogdashin, ordered the "starboard", increased speed to 16 knots, which allowed some to withdraw feed from the side of the cruiser, but at the same time cruiser dovernul left on track — after that just occurred following the most powerful and effective bulk, rather ram cruiser.

Shot hit the helipad area — a high acute stem from the forecastle TFR, figuratively speaking, climbed up on the helicopter deck and cruising with a roll of 15-20 degrees to the left side began smashing their mass, as well as posted in the anchor fairlead everything he came across, gradually sliding towards the stern of cruise: torn lining board superstructure, cut down all the lifelines helipad broke pinnace, then slid to the poop deck (aft) and also knocked down all the railing with posts. Then hooked launcher RCC "Harpoon" — it seemed a little more and launcher will pull off its mounting to the deck. But at this moment, caught on something, the anchor broke away from the anchor chain and, as a ball (3.5 tons in weight!), Flying over the aft deck of the cruiser from the left side, fell into the water is already at its starboard side, miraculously catching one of the sailors were on deck salvage party cruiser. Of the four containers launcher RCC "Harpoon" the two were broken in half along with the missiles, their severed head hung on the inside of the cables. Another container was bent.
Finally forecastle TFR slid off the stern of the cruiser on the water, we have moved away from the cruiser and took up his position on the traverse in the distance of 50-60 meters, warning that repeat the bulk, if the Americans did not come out of the territorial waters. At this time, on the deck of the cruiser was observed strange vanity emergency personnel parties (all negros) stretching the fire hose and lightly sprinkle the broken water rockets, which were not lit, and the sailors, these hoses and other fire-fighting equipment suddenly hastily dragged into the interior of the vehicle. As it turned out, fire broke out in the cellar of RCC "Harpoon" anti-submarine missiles and "Asrok."
Valentin Selivanov.After a while I receive a report from the Mikheyev, "Destroyer" Caron "turned away from the course and should be right at me, bearing does not change." Seafarers clear, which means "bearing does not change," — that is there is a collision. Pass Mikheyev: "Come over to starboard cruisers and cover them. Let the" Caron "he rams."
Nikolay Mikheev.But the "Caron" came to us at a distance of 50-60 meters from the left side and lay down on a parallel course. Right at the same distance and the same parallel course followed the cruiser. Then the Americans began converging on the course as a pinch TFR "selflessly" in a pincer movement. Ordered to charge the jet set bombometnye RBU-6000 depth charges (Americans saw it) and deploy them to traverse to the right and left side, respectively, against cruisers and destroyers (the truth, the two systems operate in a combat RBU-only synchronization, but the Americans did not know it). Acted like — American ships turned away.
At this time, the cruiser began to prepare for the flight a couple of helicopters. Reported to the command of the fleet, the Americans are preparing helicopters us some dirty trick.
Valentin Selivanov.The report Mikheev convey to him: "Tell the Americans — the helicopters in case they rise into the air will be brought down as violating the airspace of the Soviet Union" (the ships were in our territorial waters). At the same time gave orders to the command fleet aviation, "Lift up in the air a couple of storm troopers on duty! Challenge: loitering over the invading American ships in territorial waters with the aim of preventing the rise of their deck helicopters in the air." But ML Aviation reported: "In the nearby area of the Cape Sarich fulfills the task group assault helicopters. Propose instead to send a couple of helicopters, attack aircraft — it is much faster then they are the problem" anti-takeoff "will perform more efficiently and clearly." Approve the proposal and inform the direction of Mikheyev our helicopters in the area. Soon after getting the report of ML Aviation: "Para Mi-26 helicopters in the air, followed by the area."
Nikolay Mikheev.Gave the Americans that will be with helicopters, if they take up in the air. It did not work — see the propeller blades are spun. But at this time above us and the Americans was at an altitude of 50-70 meters, making a few laps on American ships and defiantly hanging a little bit away from them, a couple of our Mi-26 helicopters with full combat suspension onboard weapons — an impressive view. It apparently worked, — Americans and their helicopters drowned rolled into the hangar.
Valentin Selivanov.Next came an order from the NBI Navy, "Defense Minister demanded out and report about the incident" (naval our wits then excelled: report with the list of persons subject to removal from office and demotion). We have presented a detailed report on the court, how it all happened. Just a couple of hours received an order from another MSC Navy, "Defense Minister requires to present distinguished themselves in the promotion" (our wits, and there were found: a list of persons to replace the demotion defendants in the registry for the award). Well, kind of relieved at all from the heart, the tension eased, all of us with the calculation of the fleet like KP calmed down.
The next day, Americans are not reaching our Caucasian marine areas moved out of the Black Sea. Again, under the close supervision of our new naval ships. After another day, "beaten" valiant six Navy ships of the U.S. Navy left the inhospitable for them in this voyage of the Black Sea.
Vladimir Bogdashin the next day on the orders of the Commander of the Navy has taken off with all the documents in Moscow to report to the command of the Navy General Staff and the leadership of all the details of the incident.
Vladimir Bogdashin.In Moscow, I was greeted by the officers of the General Staff of the Navy OU and delivered directly to the General Staff. In the elevator, went upstairs together with Colonel General VN Head-on. He learned who I was, he said, "Well done, son! Sailors did not let us down after that Rust. Did the right thing". Then I reported to the officers of the General Staff, said the scheme maneuvering and photographs. Then I had all the stories again and explain the group assembled journalists. Next, I "took" the military correspondent of the newspaper "Pravda" captain Alexander Gorokhov and drove to the editor, where I had to repeat everything. With the release of 14.02.1988, the newspaper published his article "What do they want from our shores? Prohibited use of the U.S. Navy," with a brief description of our "feats".
Material prepared by Vladimir Zaborsky, captain "

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