3,785,847 U.S. dollars = 30 pieces of silver!

Already it is no secret that the so-called human rights activists defending the interests of their employers only. As the saying goes: "Who is the girl dinner, he and her dancing!". Well let’s see who "dances" of our human rights …
?In 2009 the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has allocated Russian human rights organizations grants totaling $ 3,785,847.
NED is a private non-profit organization that aims to promote and strengthen democratic institutions around the world. Each year, the fund pays NED more than 1,000 grants to support the projects of non-governmental organizations abroad, working hard to achieve democratic goals in more than 90 countries. As one of the recognized leaders NED Alan Weinstein, a fund was set up by the State Department "to do openly what the CIA used to do covertly." Formally, the NED is a private non-profit organization, but in fact, together with the Agency for International Development (USAID) is a monopolist in the allocation of the U.S. State Department.
The official website of NED — http://www.ned.org/where-we-work/eurasia/russia, posted a report on the performance of the Fund in 2009, which was published in June 2010. The total amount of grants corresponds to approximately 115,468,334 rubles.
So who are the national champions of justice and part-time fighters with the current government? And here they are:
All-Russian Public Movement "For Human Rights" ($ 75,000 *) to improve prison conditions in Russian prisons and penal colonies.
"The American Center for International Labor Solidarity" ($ 300.002) to support the activities of trade unions.
The Association of Public Associations "Union of Committees of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia" ($ 60,000 *) for securing the legitimate rights of Russian troops.
Autonomous non-profit organization "Center for Social and Labor Rights" ($ 55.861 *) for the creation, promotion and advancement of the Internet portal www.trudprava.ru.
Nonprofit Organization "Memorial historical memory of political repressions" Permi-36 "($ 49.735 *) to support the museum dedicated to political repression in the Soviet Union.
Nonprofit Organization "Agency for Social Information" ($ 67,000 *) for the creation of associations of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Russian regions. ($ 65.671 *) for the collection and analysis of information about the activities of Russian NGOs.
Autonomous non-profit organization "Center of social engineering" Revival "($ 55,000 *) to help young political leaders at the municipal level in the Pskov region.
Nonprofit Organization "MASHR" ($ 55,000 *) for the detection of human rights abuses by the authorities of Ingushetia.
"Center for International Private Enterprise» (CIPE) ($ 137,479) for the promotion of democratic principles and the market economy in the North Caucasus.
"Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations" ($ 50,000 *) to investigate cases of violence, threats, intimidation of journalists.
"Center of the construction and development of the world community" ($ 17,340 *) for 6 lessons a Chechen universities on important subjects for democracy.
"Center for International Protection" ($ 50,000 *) for the training of human rights lawyers from Russia and other CIS countries on legal matters.
Blagotovotritelny Foundation "Support to civil society initiatives« Fulcrum Foundation »($ 55,000 *) for payments minipremy youth NGOs.
Charitable Foundation "International project — Youth Human Rights Movement" ($ 65,000 *) to strengthen its work with the youth human rights organizations.
Chelyabinsk Regional Public Foundation "Helping Hand" ($ 57,000 *) for the protection of human rights in a number of major cities in the south of the Ural Mountains.
"Civil Rights Defenders" ($ 108.338 *) for a conference on human rights in the North Caucasus in November 2009.
"The association with democracy and human rights» (DEMAS) ($ 58,785) for the development of cooperation between Russian and Czech NGOs.
"Fund to support initiatives on freedom of information" ($ 72,000 *) to monitor government information resources.
Foundation "Independent Press Center" ($ 50,000 *) for the work of the press center of the Fund, which has a working relationship with more than 80 leading NGOs.
Fund "Public Commission for the Conservation Heritage Sakharov" ($ 90,000 *) for the organization of the seventh annual "Inter-regional competition for teachers on the history of political repression in the USSR."
"Friends of the Institute CEELI» ($ 44,311 *) to develop a strategy for a more active advocacy work on the prosecution of war crimes committed during the conflict in Chechnya.
"The Institute of Public Affairs» (IPA) ($ 28,850 *) for scholarships to young Russian analysts and activists of non-governmental organizations.
Interregional Association of Human Rights Organizations "AGORA" ($ 60,000 *) for legal and informational assistance to Russian opposition activists and organizations.
Inter-regional non-governmental organization "Center of Information and Protection of Human Rights" ($ 50,000 *) for the preservation of artifacts of human rights, supporting the library on the history of political repression.
Interregional Public Organization "Center for Social Partnership" ($ 50,000 *) to increase citizen participation in local government in the Yaroslavl region.
Interregional Public Organization "Committee against Torture" ($ 85,000 *) to reduce the number of torture in Chechnya.
"Public Advocacy Center of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic" ($ 45,000 *) for the protection of human rights in Kabardino-Balkaria.
"Levada-Center" ($ 33.104 *) to conduct two public opinion surveys before and after the Moscow City Duma elections in 2009.
«MEMO 98" ($ 54.274 *) to control the facts of manipulating public opinion in Russia.
"Mothers of Dagestan for Human Rights" ($ 23,136 *) to monitor the human rights situation in Dagestan.
"Murmansk Association of Women Journalists" ($ 38,000 *) to support independent journalism in the North-West of Russia.
The project is a non-profit public organization "Fund" Kostroma Centre for Human Rights "($ 25,000 *) for the support of local NGOs.
Non-profit organization "News Agency MEMO.ru" ($ 225,000 *) to support the operation of the site www.kavkaz-uzel.ru.
Non-Profit Partnership "Lawyers for Civil Society" ($ 50,000 *) for the analysis of the federal and regional laws regulating the activities of NGOs.
"No to violence» (Nonviolence International) ($ 50,000 *) to support the autonomy of local government in the North Caucasus.
Perm City Public Organization "Center for Civic Education and Human Rights" ($ 54,000 *) for the training of teachers and academics of Human Rights.
«Prague Watchdog» ($ 49,830) for the promotion of human rights and freedom of information in the North Caucasus.
Pskov Regional Public Organization "Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers ($ 20,424 *) for consultations on human rights.
Regional Public Organization "Kola Association of Women Lawyers" ($ 30,000 *) for the protection of victims of torture and degrading treatment in the Murmansk region.
Regional Civic Initiative "The right to life and personal dignity" ($ 29,474 *) The quarterly magazine "Dosh" ("Word", the North Caucasus).
Regional Research Institute for Civil and Information Centre &q
uot;Memorial" ($ 50,000 *) to collect and disseminate information on the activities of NGOs in St. Petersburg and the North-Western Federal District of Russia. ($ 40,000 *) for the digitization of historical archives.
Regional Civic Organization in the protection of civil rights and initiatives "VOICE" ($ 75.234 *) to protect the rights of citizens at the local level.
The regional non-profit public advocacy organization Soldiers’ Mothers of St. Petersburg "($ 94.160 *) for legal training in military age, youth and conscripts.
The regional non-profit organization "International Protection Centre" ($ 60,000 *) to support victims of human rights violations in Russia.
Regional public organization "Information-Analytical Center" Panorama "($ 65,000 *) to support youth movements such as the" Defense "," young "Apple", "youth PCA Young Republicans," I think, yes, "the youth of the United Civil front, and the Social Democratic Union of Youth and young journalists from independent newspapers.
Regional Public Movement "Chechen Committee for National Salvation" ($ 80,000 *) for the provision of legal aid to refugees in Nazran, Ingushetia and Grozny.
Regional public organization in ensuring the safety of public information, "Public Information Center" ($ 70,000 *) to raise awareness about human rights.
Regional public organization "Independent Council of Legal Experts" ($ 65,000 *) to support the activities of NGOs on development of legislation through nongovernmental efforts.
Regional public organization to promote civic education "Information and Analytical Center" Owl "($ 77,611 *) for the fight against nationalism and xenophobia in Russia.
Regional public organization "Mothers of Chechnya" ($ 58.541 *) to provide legal assistance to the families of citizens who had been abducted or disappeared during and after the two wars in Chechnya.
Regional public organization "Women Voters of St. Petersburg" ($ 45,000 *) for seminars and roundtables for young civic activists from six regions: Arkhangelsk, Vyborg, Kaliningrad, Pskov, Tver and St. Petersburg.
Rostov city NGO "Eco-Logic" ($ 25,000 *) to improve the transparency and accountability of local bureaucracy.
Rostov Regional Public Organization "League for the Protection of Civil Rights" ($ 45,924 *) to improve the transparency and accountability of local bureaucracy.
«Slovene Philanthropy» ($ 75,129 *) to increase civic engagement programs for primary and secondary schools in Chechnya and Ingushetia.
St. Petersburg Public Organization "Center for Legal Protection of the environment" Bellona "($ 47.760 *) to support human rights and to promote interaction between NGOs.
Sverdlovsk Regional Public Organization "Parity" ($ 25,000) for the organization of the political life of the youth in the Sverdlovsk region.
«Transitions Online» (TOL) ($ 81,326 *) for the development of independent journalism in Russia.
Vladimir regional intellectual social movement, "The Swan" ($ 25,000 *) to manage the site www.vibor33.ru.
The group "Foreign" ($ 40.548) to strengthen and expand cooperation between Russian and Polish NGOs.
* An asterisk indicates the organizations that were, in addition to grants NED, additional funding from the U.S. Department of State.

And I keep wondering why we Caucasus blazes does not go out, yes ethnic hazing in the army … and it turns out to be Rulers of Americans fund legal aid to the victims, "former militants" and their children before the service in the army. Make-A-a-a-a.

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