31 Mechanized Brigade sun Venezuela received the BMP-3 and


Photo: armyrecognition.com

TSAMTO, May 22. 311th Mechanized Battalion them. Simon Bolivar of Venezuela introduced the Sun taken on arms BMP-3 and BTR-80 with the wheel formula 8×8, and 120-mm mortars transportable 2S12 "Sani".Technology demonstration took place during the celebrations of the opening of a new base in Fuerte Tiuna (Caracas), said "Infodifensa."


The battalion after the recent staffing armored vehicles produced in Russia was reformed from a mechanized infantry. Structurally, it is a part of 31 Mechanised Brigade 3rd Infantry Division (Caracas).

In 2009, Russia signed a contract with Venezuela to supply 123 armored infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3 versions BMP-3M/BMP-3K and ARV-A "Fugitive Girl" and 114 armored personnel carriers BTR-80 with the wheel formula 8×8 versions BTR-80A/BTR -80K.

Delivery of equipment under this contract began in 2011.

BMP-3 and BTR-80 to date entered into service of the 14th Mechanized Brigade (Barquisimeto, sht.Lara), 25th Mechanized Brigade (La Fria, sht.Tachira), 31 Mechanised Brigade (Caracas), 41 Armoured Brigade (Valencia, sht.Karabobo).

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