334 families with many children Pskov began receiving monthly


334 families with many of the Pskov region have appealed to the authorities for the Social Security benefit for the third child and all subsequent ones, and started to receive it. As the correspondent of the Pskov Information Agency, At a press briefing held on July 29 told the head of the department of social benefits, privileges and subsidies Chief State Department of Social Welfare of the Pskov region Love Osipova.

She recalled that since January 1, 2013 in Pskov region in accordance with the May presidential decrees introduced an additional measure of social support large families — a monthly cash payment for the third and each subsequent child. To receive it, a large family should have a per capita monthly income below prevailing in the region. Today it is less than 14 thousand 185 rubles. That is, the total monthly income of a large family on the average should not exceed 70,000. According to the Charity Osipova, the vast majority of large families in the Pskov region meet these conditions.

She also clarified that for this payment to the bodies of social protection must present a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation to the registration of the Pskov region, as well as a birth certificate (or adoption) children, a certificate of family members of the house management, which confirms the fact that children living with their parents, and parental income statement for the previous three months treatment.

Dead children and children over 18 years, the bodies of social protection in the calculation of this allowance is not taken into account.

This payment is for today 5000 921 rubles a month. It is paid for the third and each subsequent child separately until they reach the age of three in addition to all other large families received payments and is not considered when calculating the average per capita income of the family. This payment, explained Love Osipova, equal to the subsistence minimum for the second quarter of the previous year (currently 2012-go), and next year will rise to 119 rubles 7000, as a way to calculate the cost of living today has changed.

Love Osipov also said that, according to the General Administration of Social Welfare, in the Pskov region, there are 544 families with children. Perhaps not all of them are aware that they are entitled to an additional monthly payment. In the areas of social protection authorities to inform them easier: there social workers quickly identify many children and help them to prepare the necessary documents. In Pskov and Great Luke social protection is actively cooperating with the hospital, mother and child health clinics to parents of large families were informed in time about the benefits due to them.

Love Osipova again asked the parents of many children not to delay the treatment of the bodies of social protection, because the benefits accrued no earlier than six months prior to application. That is, if the child was born in January, and the parents appealed for aid only now, in January they money, alas, no longer will.

A total of 2013 for the payment of such benefits Pskov region plans to spend 55 million rubles, of which 46.2 million rubles — from the federal budget. That is, today Pskov region is involved in the implementation of the measures of social support large only 10%, but the following year the regional share of its co-financing will increase to 18%, and in the future the region will take on a larger and larger portion of the cost of the payment benefits.

In addition to the monthly payments for the third and each subsequent child in the Pskov region there are other measures to support large, reminded Love Osipova. It benefits to pay for public services in the amount of 30% of their value (either monetary compensation if the family lives in a house with furnace heating), the regional capital of the parent and the provision of land.

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