35% of Americans receive government benefits

According to the Senate Committee on the Budget (Senate Budget Committee), in the second quarter of last year, 107 million Americans get all sorts of government aid — not including Medicare and Social Security. It is exactly 10 million more compared to the data of two years ago.

Given that the 2010 census the country inhabited by 308 million people and 107 million of them receive government assistance, it is 35 per cent of the total population.

Today in the federal budget 70 percent of all spending goes on social assistance programs, such as food, affordable housing, student aid and other social programs. And this despite the fact that, according to the IRS, nearly half of all Americans — or 49.5 percent — do not pay income tax.

President Obama continues to insist that the "rich" are not paying their fair share of federal taxes. But the top 20 percent of the most highly paid employees paid about 70 percent of total federal taxes. And 1 percent of the highest paid people pay about 22 percent of all federal taxes. According to the CBO (Congressional Budget Office — CBO), 20 per cent of working with and are a real middle class contributed to the treasury in 2009, only 9 percent of the total amount of federal taxes.

IBD also cites two other alarming figures:

1. New census data show that 43 percent of all immigrants remain on grants and 20 years after arrival in the country.

2. New economic research has shown that nearly half of Americans die with less than $ 10,000 in assets, which clearly says that people lose the desire to earn money, initiative and hard work, preferring to state benefits.


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