3M deepens localization in Russia

3M Company diversifies its production in Volokolamsk and expands the range of locally produced products. In this process in 2011-2012 invested approximately $ 8 million.

In 2012, the production of respirators at the plant in Volokolamsk increased more than 2 times, compared to last year, due to increased demand for Respirator with valve for breathing. Previously, these masks were imported to Russia from England.

Until the end of 2012, the plant is planned to start full production release cycle respirators to assemble products entirely from locally produced components to produce the basis of respirators — The cup part of a special material. To do this, the new equipment — valve station expanded production capacity, the plant changed schedule.

"Deep location lies in the further development of the company’s strategy in Russia. Having our own production allows the flexibility to respond to the demands of the local market and to improve the level of service to customers, so that we become the preferred supplier for enterprises of the former Soviet Union — says Alexey Halikov, Director of Production "3M Russia." — For example, today we provide respirators Volokalamskie needs not only of Russia but also in Kazakhstan. " Until the end of 2012, "3M Russia" will significantly expand the range of locally produced products. The plant equipment for cutting and rewinding of industrial adhesive tapes, in March 2012, after the test runs are made tape flexo and VHB tape. In June of this year plans to launch production of trial batches of coatings and polishes for auto repair in the late 2012 — early 2013 after passing the required certification will be carried out at the plant production (cut) protective films for car body. In total, during 2012, the plant will be installed 11 units of new equipment.

All this will reduce the cost of production, reduce delivery time, provide better service to customers, confident in the company.

In the summer of 2012, in addition to the already existing at the plant laboratory for quality control of products, Volokolamsk will start a research laboratory for the adaptation and development of products specifically for Russia. At the initial stage will focus on developments in the field of personal protective equipment, anti-corrosion coatings and materials for auto repair (polishes and coatings).

Expansion of production requires an increase in the area of the plant. Today, a draft construction of an additional building area of 2000 m2, is negotiating with construction companies and the Administration of Volokolamsk region.

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