420 million rubles a year savings — this is the conclusion of experts who have seen the results of the test capacitor system start-up diesel train locomotive.

Six months on the station Inskaya (Novosibirsk) West Siberian railway TEM18DM three locomotives equipped with capacitor starting system (PCS) diesel engine, working in normal mode for the depot. During this time, the developers — the specialists of "Elton" — take into account the comments of the depot operators and repairers, and improve the system.

Recently, experimental results were obtained. Confirmed stable and confident start diesel. Recorded starts on the first try, even when heavily discharged battery when she was unable to provide the necessary voltage. Even those facts were of great interest to the development of the railroad company, "Elton".

Electrochemical capacitors, which formed the basis of the capacitor start of the locomotive in the world called supercapacitors. They are highly reserved energy, operate over a wide temperature range — from -50 to +70 C °, serve — and this has been repeatedly confirmed by tests — up to 1 million of charge-discharge cycles.
Here’s a review of specialists depot Inskaya on ultracapacitors:
"Tests start capacitor systems based on capacitor modules manufactured by JSC" Elton ", installed in locomotives TEM18DM have tested positive — during winter operation was not a single failure, run diesel locomotives associated with the" failure "of starting system to provide the required parameters . Of particular note is that the test system required starting inrush starter is provided only by the capacitor modules. "
The results of the experiment prompted specialists to interesting conclusions. Capacitor Start System allows the diesel engine to turn off when not in use during the warmer months, when there is no need to warm up. According to preliminary calculations for the 140 days of operation at temperatures above 10 C °, the fuel economy of a diesel engine at the stop process downtime will be between 3.5 tons and more. Reduced engine oil consumption, increases service life of diesel, reduced maintenance costs standard battery, and its service life is doubled.
The introduction of the capacitor start system as standard in power supply included in unit locomotive will require additional investments. But this move will be regarded as the real action to improve energy efficiency and help achieve the goals set by the Federal Law of November 23, 2009 N 261-FZ "On energy saving". These objectives are defined and the State Program of the Russian Federation, "Energy saving and energy efficiency for the period up to 2020", approved by the Federal Government on December 27, 2010 N 2446-p.
Experts have estimated that the annual economic effect of the capacitor system starting at a shunting locomotive has an appreciable result. The payback period for PCB mass production will amount to little more than two years. And the economic benefits derived from the implementation of each capacitor system start-up, for the entire life of the locomotive will be more than 1.7 million. Given the fact that the park shunting locomotives of Railways has about 6,000 units, in the case of mass adoption of CSR annual economic benefits for railroad workers may be more than 420 million rubles.
The capacitor starting system provides a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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