50 years of Chuvash State University

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For technical faculties of the Chuvash State University this year — special. Not only because the training of future engineers become a priority for universities. In 1961, in the capital of Chuvashia opened Volga branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, which hosted and created by CSU.

"This event was the beginning of a system of training in the Republic of engineering and technical personnel, — said the rector CSU them. IN Ulyanov professor Vsevolod Agachi. — For half a century of the university came a huge army of skilled engineers that works on virtually all enterprises of the republic, and in many regions of the country. This army will be updated and further: now every third full-time student enrolled at CSU engineering faculties. "

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Noting the importance of the training of engineers, President Dmitry Medvedev spoke about the problems. The fact, for example, that engineers are prepared separately from the life that universities and companies working on their own …

Vsevolod Agachi: I think that for the CSU, this problem is not so acute. For many years, especially in recent years, our university is working closely with the leading enterprises of the republic. With dozens of companies signed agreements on training, many of the top professionals working in our teachers, heads of departments, such as B. Yarmolovich (Concern "Tractor plants") Mr. Nudelman (OOO "VNIIR"), I. Kortunov (JSC "Chuvashkabel").

With the help of partners, producers University is a modern training facilities. For example, "SPE Screen" (CEO O. Saevich) has invested 5 million rubles in a laboratory at the Department of electrical and electronic devices. Thanks Ltd. "VNIIR" in the CSU came modern laboratory for relay protection. JSC "Chuvashkabel" equipped laboratories in the engineering department of CSU and opened a training lab at its facility for university students. Such joint efforts to create a decent demand for training qualified specialists.

And there are others to cook them? After all, it is believed that the most talented guys, geeks are going to study in Moscow …

Vsevolod Agachi: With that do not quite agree. In each department there are talented students. Take, for example, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Over the years, his students took first place at the Olympic Games on the theory of machines and mechanisms. Recently, in Izhevsk, the first international competition on this area, participated in the meeting, representatives of 15 countries. And mashfaka CSU students are the first in the team and individual competition, besting even the Chinese.

Another example — a graduate of the Faculty of Design and Computer Technology CSU Yuriy Dmitriev took second place at the international competition "Electrolux" with the project bioholodilnika. So the talent we have. To support them, the decision of the Academic Council at the University established a scientific and methodological center of youth research. After all, talent — single-part phenomenon, it must grow, cultivate.

And to help the talent in the first scientific research …

Vsevolod AgachiYes, and practical basis for this set up. At CSU has 4 small innovative enterprises engaged in the development of nanotechnology, energy, etc. It is here that the first steps in practical science makes our students, undergraduates and graduate students. But the best scientific results achieved in collaboration with colleagues, so we work closely with leading universities in the country. Not long ago, for example, have entered into an agreement with Kazan (Volga) Federal University of collaborative research in the field of nanotechnology. Cooperation agreement signed with the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) and Physical-Technical Institute of the Ioffe. Recently, a group of students and teachers went to CSU LETI for courses to train specialists for factory solar modules. This is just the beginning. Later footage for "Sun Valley", we will prepare for our university.

Let us turn to another pressing issue. The schools ended exams, graduates now have to choose where to study. An important factor in the selection process — how many budget places in high school, what is the cost of training on a contract basis?

Vsevolod Agachi: First, on the prices. Decision of the academic council of the university tuition fees in all departments and specialties maintained at the level of last year. And for those who go to the CSU, it further will not change. Unlike some other universities, where admission is prescribed one price, then the tuition fee increases with each semester, and it creates a big problem for students and their parents.

But the main thing I want to mention: for the majority of CSU students higher education free of charge. Full-time students of the university are studying 10,000 students and more than 7,000 of them — on a budgetary basis. So the CSU — the one institution where you can get a decent, quality and — free education.

Regarding the reduction of budget places, then, as in the past year, as in many universities in Russia, it affected the economic and humanitarian areas. But on the engineering and medical fields reduction is not, there’s even a definite increase in the budget places. This year, our University has received a license for the training of pharmacy, teaching them to go on a budgetary basis. There are other new areas — "Innovation", "software engineering", "Mechatronics and Robotics", etc.

In general, the CSU them IN Ulyanov — a unique multidisciplinary institution. There is a strong technical unit of 7 faculties, a medical, economic and classical university areas. Our applicants to choose from.

Vsevolod G., and what would you wish the guys who will make an important choice?

Vsevolod Agachi
: First — it is necessary to choose the specialty that you like. Then the work will be fun and you will be able to achieve good results.

Second — to get a decent knowledge, to learn in a decent university, have decent teachers. Now often is a substitution of concepts, many people think that having a diploma of higher education and higher education itself — it is one and the same. But this, unfortunately, is not always the case.

The third — a success in life, high level of professionalism not come easily and immediately. They earned great difficulty, the ongoing work on themselves. Yes, there can be setbacks, they are no one is safe. But if you work, think, create — success will come.

Catherine Kaznina
Source: The newspaper Sovetskaya Chuvashia

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