500 Holstein cows purchased OGUP Lipetsk for the economy recovered

136 black-and-white Holstein-Friesian cattle — heifers received today from the German dairy complex "Dokuchaevsky" Izmalkovsky district. This is the first batch of 500 animals purchased OGUP "Lipetsk" for the farms ‘Consent’, taken in the management of this spring. The total cost of the project for the development of livestock was 44 million rubles.

 Photo source:lipetskmedia.ru

Within two weeks of dairy complex "Dokuchaevsky" for up to 2,000 head will be filled completely. Dairy cattle are selected priority, and the choice is made taking into account the species of this specialization.
Today the herd, which is dominated simmentals get 33 — 35 tons per day, but these figures with the entering golshtintsev be increased. Raw materials are in demand among the largest enterprises — processors. Recently, at the competition held among suppliers, izmalkovtsy been recognized as the best in quality and an increase in the volume of milk supply.
As the director of "Lipetsk" Sergei Muzalev in the near future experts on animal OGUP go to Germany cull cows for dairy complex village KALIKIN Dobrovský district. Asset owned by LLC "Agroconsulting" another project "Lipetsk". 800 animals will be delivered in September and early next year will replenish the herd another 400 heifers. The estimated investment of 120 million rubles.

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