500 Russian against 40,000 Persians: this is not Sparta, this is Russia!

I can not help but to reprint an article about the unknown Russian feat of arms.

Hike Col. Karyagin against the Persians in 1805, the year does not look like a real military history. He looks like a prequel to "300" (40,000 Persians, 500 Russian, gorges, bayonet attack, "This is madness! — No, this is the 17th Jäger Regiment"). Gold, platinum page of Russian history, combining the slaughter of madness with the highest tactical skill, cunning and delicious Russian astonishing arrogance. But first things first.

In 1805, the Russian Empire was at war with France as part of the Third Coalition, and fought unsuccessfully. In France, Napoleon was, and we were Austrians, whose military glory by the time the long sunsets, and Britons who have never had a normal land-based army. And they both behaved like complete losers and even the great Kutuzov all the force of his genius could not switch the channel "for Faile Faile."

Meanwhile, in southern Russia in the Persian Baba Khan, who gave a purring with updates on our European lesions appeared Little Idea. Baba Khan stopped purring again and went to Russia, hoping to pay for the previous defeat, in 1804. The moment was chosen extremely well — due to the usual formulation of the usual drama "A crowd of so-called Krivorukov allies and Russia, which is trying to save all again," St. Petersburg was not able to send to the Caucasus single extra soldier, despite the fact that the entire Caucasus was from 8,000 to 10,000 soldiers. So after learning that the city of Shusha (it’s in the current Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan know, right? Left-bottom), where the major Lisanevich with 6 companies of rangers, is 40,000 Persian army under the command of the Crown Prince Abbas Mirza (I like to think that he was traveling on a huge golden platform with a bunch of freaks, freaks and concubines in the gold chains, just like Xerxes), Prince Tsitsianov sent all the reinforcements that he could send. All 493 soldiers and officers with two guns, Karyagino superhero, superhero Kotlyarevskaya (which is another story) and the Russian military spirit.

They do not have time to get to Shushi, the Persians seized on our road, near the river Shah Bulakh, June 24. Persian vanguard. A modest 10 000. Not a bit taken aback (at the time of the battle in the Caucasus, with less than a tenfold superiority of the enemy were not considered for battle and were officially in the reports as "exercise in conditions close to the fighting") Karyagin army built in a square, and the whole day reflected the barren Persian cavalry attack while from the Persians were alone lumps. He then walked another 14 miles and stood fortified camp, the so-called supply train, or in Russian, Walk-town when the line of defense is built from code no carts (including Caucasian absent from a network of roads and supply the troops had to carry a large inventory).

The Persians continued to attack in the evening and barren camp stormed into the night, and then made a forced break to clear piles of Persian bodies, funeral, crying and writing postcards to the families of the victims. In the morning, after reading sent by express mail manual "The Art of War for Dummies" ("If the enemy is strengthened, and this enemy — Russian, do not try to attack it head-on, even if you have 40,000, and its 400"), the Persians began to bombard our Walk Town artillery, trying not to let our troops get to the river and replenish water. Russian in reply made a sortie, made their way to the Persian batteries and povzryvali her to the dogs, throwing the remains of guns into the river, presumably — a catty abusive slogans. However, the situation is not saved.

Provoevav another day Karyagin began to suspect that he will not be able to kill all 300 Russian Persian army. In addition, the problems started within the camp — defected to the Persians Lieutenant Lysenko and six traitors, the next day they were joined by another 19 hippies — so our losses from the cowardly pacifists began to exceed that of the inept Persian attacks. Thirst again. Heat. Bullets. And around 40,000 Persians. Uncomfortable.

At a council were offered two options: either we stay here and die all who follow? No one. Or are we going to, to break the encirclement of the Persian, and then storming a nearby fort until we catch up with the Persians, and is sitting in the fortress. It’s warm. All right. And the flies do not bite. The only problem — we are not even 300 Russian Spartans, and in 200, and they are still tens of thousands and they were watching us, and all of this will be like a game of Left 4 Dead, where a tiny detachment of the survivors rod and rod brutal mob of zombies . Left 4 Dead all loved already in the 1805th, so we decided to break out. Night. Cutting the Persian guards and trying not to breathe, Russian participants of the program "Lost, when you can not stay alive" is almost out of the environment, but stumbled into Persian patrol. Rush began, skirmish, then chase, then finally broke away from our Mahmoudov in a dark-dark woods and the Caucasus came to the fort, named after the nearby river, Shah Bulakh. By the time around the remaining participants mad marathon "Fight as you can" (remember that was the fourth day of incessant fighting, attacks, duels on the bayonets and night pryatok Forests) golden aura shone through, so just broke the gate Karyagin Shah Bulakh cannon kernel, and then wearily at the small Persian garrison, "Guys, look at us. you really want to try? Here’s the truth?" The guys understood the hint and fled. During takeoff killing two Khan, Russian barely had time to fix the gate, as shown major Persian forces, concerned about the theft favorite Russian squad. But it was not the end. Not even the beginning of the end. After an inventory of the property remaining in the fort became clear that there is no food. And that convoy with food had to quit during the break out of the encirclement, so have nothing to eat. At all. At all. At all. Karyagin again came to the troops:

— Friends, I know this is not madness, not Sparta and generally not something for which invented human words. From miserable and so we have left 493 175 people, almost all wounded, dehydrated, exhausted, to limit the degree of fatigue. No food. No baggage. Core and ammo runs out. And besides, right in front of our gates heir to the Persian throne sits Abbas Mirza, who has several times tried to take us by storm. Hear the grunting of his hand freaks and laughter concubines? He’s waiting until we’ll die, hoping that starvation would do what they could not do 40,000 Persians. But we will not die. You will not die. I, Colonel Karyagin, forbid you to die. I order you to gather all the arrogance that you have, because this night we leave the castle and we burst into of another fortress, which again Assault, with all the Persian army on his shoulder. And ugly and concubines. This is not a Hollywood action movie. This is not epic. This Russian history, nestlings, and you its protagonists. Put up a wall of time that the night will overlap each other, creating a feeling that we are in the fortress. We act as soon as it gets dark enough!

They say in heaven was once an angel in charge of the monitoring of impossibility. July 7, at 22 o’clock, when Karyagin made to storm the fortress of the next, even more strength, this angel died of bewilderment. It is important to understand that by July 7 squad continuously fought here already the 13th day and there was not much in the "terminators are" as in "extremely desperate people on that aspect of anger and power of the Spirit moving in the Heart of Darkness that crazy, impossible, unbelievable, unimaginable hike. " With guns, with the carts wounded, it was not a walk with backpacks, but big and heavy traffic. Karyagin slipped out o
f the castle as a night ghost as bat-like creature with that Restricted Party — and because even the soldiers, the remaining overlap on the walls, managed to escape from the Persians and catch up with the squad, although it is already prepared to die, knowing the absolute mortality of their task. But the peak of Madness, Courage and Spirit was still to come.

To move through the darkness, daze, pain, hunger and thirst Russian squad … soldiers? Ghosts? The holy war? collided with a ditch, through which it was impossible to smuggle guns and assault guns without following even better fortified fortress Muhraty, had no meaning, no chance. Wood to fill the moat, was not there, there was no time to look for wood — the Persians could overtake any minute. Four Russian soldiers — one of them was Gabriel Sidorov, the names of the others, unfortunately, I was not able to find — silently jumped down into the ditch. And lay down. As logs. Without bravado, without question, without everything. Jumped down and went. The heavy guns went straight through them. Under the crunch of bones. Barely contained groans of pain. An even bigger crunch. Dry and loud as a rifle shot, crackle. On the dirty heavy gun carriage splashed with red. Russian red.

Climbed out of the ditch only two. Silence.

July 8 Kasapet squad entered the first time in many days normally ate, drank, and moved on to the fortress Muhrat. For three miles from her squad in a little more than a hundred people attacked several thousand Persian horsemen who managed to break through to the guns and grab them. Nothing. As recalled one of the officers: "Karyagin shouted:" Guys, come on, come rescue the guns! "Everyone rushed to the lions …". Apparently, the soldiers remember the price they got these guns. On the carriages splashed red again, this time Persian, and was drizzling and it rained and flooded the carriages, and the ground around the carriages, and wagons, and uniforms and guns and sabers, and it rained and it rained and it rained until while the Persians fled in panic not, without being able to break the resistance of hundreds of our own. Hundreds of Russian. Hundreds of Russian, Russian just like you, who despise their own people now, his name is Russian, Russian nation and Russian history, and allow themselves to silently watch as rotting and falling apart power created by this feat, so superhuman stress, such pain and such courage. The stock in the ditch apathetic pleasures to you on coming and coming guns hedonism, entertainment and cowardice, crumbling your fragile skull shy laughing their wheels abominations.

Muhrat taken lightly, and the next day, the 9th of July, Prince Sisianov received from Karyagin report, immediately out to meet the Persian army from 2,300 men and 10 guns. July 15 Tsitsianov defeated and expelled the Persians, and then joined up with the remnants of Colonel Karyagin troops.

Karyagin received for this campaign a gold sword, all the officers and soldiers — and salary awards, silently lain in the ditch Gabriel Sidorov — a monument to the headquarters of the regiment, and we all learned a lesson. Lesson ditch. The lesson of silence. Lesson crunch. Lesson red. And the next time you will be required to do something in the name of Russia and his comrades, and your heart will cover the apathy and fear of a typical small ugly child of Russian era of Kali Yuga, action, shocks, fighting, life, death, remember this ditch.

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