7 air bases, airfields and 28 modernized newest aircraft

Russian Air Force Commander Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin said "HBO" on the development of Russian military aircraft.

"Independent Military Review" continues to fail the interim results of the reform of the armed forces, which is in our army and navy in the last three years. The main questions that we ask his interlocutors that changed over time in the subordinate forces, what are the remaining issues that need to be done to implement its plans.

On the question of responsible editor "NVO" responsible honored military pilot, Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin said.


— I would like to begin our conversation, Alexander, with the message that was received for information the day before our meeting tapes. It’s about the fact that Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov signed with the CEO of the company "Sukhoi" Igor Ozar contract to supply the Air Force until 2020, 92 Sukhoi Su-34. What other planes and helicopters, and in what quantities entered service our aircraft to the twentieth year?

— I will not call the number, but it is up to a hundred.

— Before hundreds of each type?

— Yes, the Su-34 figure has already announced — is 92 cars. But in total, the Air Force will be 124 of these aircraft, and subsequently to 140 cars. In principle, if we talk about the Su-34, the face of the president’s plane we got, but at the same time, we continue to increase the combat capabilities of the bomber. It is what? We have set a powerful on-board self-defense, develop new weapons with new, advanced combat capabilities. The main "air-to-surface", "air-to-radar", "air-to-ship" and expect that it will have support of other long-range missiles. This work goes on, and I think this is the platform that is able to solve this problem — that is, to increase the nuclear deterrent as part of the Air Force Strategic Air Command.



Despite the fact that the contract for the supply of signed, I signed the technical specifications for this contract, which have the opportunity to conduct further modernization to improve the combat capability of the aircraft complex.

— According to its effectiveness?

— According to its efficiency and operational capabilities in a single system of warfare, which is constructing the General Staff linked to the issue of the fashion concept of network-centric management system. To this control loop with existing means of communication and information system means we have solved this problem.

I recently arrived from St. Petersburg, where, under my leadership, was a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission for the creation of A-100, is a continuation of the theme of A-50U and beyond. There will be a car with such military capabilities, which will provide an opportunity to not only manage the crews in the air, but also guidance on all radiocontrast and other objects on the ground, but also assumed control of an unmanned aircraft with this aircraft.

Such large-scale planning. With the challenges of the 30s. As for other purchases, which are supposed to get the Air Force. It’s a Su-35 …

— The contract for him, as I recall, was signed at the MAKS for 48 cars.

— Yes, for so many, but still will buy. Somewhere to one hundred units. I consider this plane together with the aircraft Su-30cm. We do not buy and do not plan to buy, even if it does not seem like a surprise, combat-capable aircraft. Buy combat aircraft with the capacity to carry out the machine pilot training. Requirements for training and combat aircraft provide a number of tasks that the pilot work out in the air. For example, system failures, and other problems …

But now the cockpit changed so that all of these steps, we can work out on the ground. At the gym. As several multifunction displays can replace each other. And talk about the failure of some equipment and to train pilots to do without them in the air — this problem goes away by itself. We will practice it on complex procedural simulators in the world. Realizing that the pilots have to learn to fly from the failed devices, but for this purpose to create a plane and do it in the air, we will not. It is not economically feasible, because we have a lot of interchangeable multifunction displays. One refused, you can go to another and get all the necessary information.

There may, of course, to deny several multifunction displays if the plane is de-energized, but it requires the pilot is very different activities related to the piloting.

— If I understand you correctly, the Yak-130 will not buy you?

— No, the Yak-130 — it’s a plane advanced training designed to teach the students. This is an educational-fighting machine that will, graduating cadet training at the school, in line units to transfer him immediately to the combat aircraft. Because the cabin Yak-130 combat aircraft is identified with. There are also multi-function displays. In fact, the cabin Yak-130th, MiG-29 and Su-th-27 th, they are similar. And the combat capabilities of the aircraft is also very decent. It is a modern highly maneuverable aircraft with weapons that students in my fifth year, the final stage of his training, especially in the operational and tactical aircraft will be used. We are really going to teach them this.



It is assumed, even the establishment of training centers where young lieutenants will be retrained. And based on the Yak-130 have an idea to create a light attack aircraft that subsequently, to improve classroom skills from third grade to the second, will be located in the Lipetsk training center. And with his help, we will solve this problem. At the very least, such an option we are now working with the Deputy Chief of the National Centre to prepare pilots to fly in the Su-34 and Su-35.

And in order to realize the objectives with highly maneuverable aircraft Su-35, later with T-50, we are planning to buy Su-30cm. This is a highly maneuverable aircraft, twin cage, but combative, capable of performing any military purpose, but the crew of two.



Why is that? Because our staffing ratio crews — and a half. And in order to give everyone the opportunity to fly with the current staffing levels, twin cage allows the machine to perform combat missions throughout the flight structure. Exercise and so, and others. Thus, all will be constantly in training and we’ll specify the Chief of the General Staff, to raid we had more than 130 hours. This is a very real problem. If you change the fleet in tactical aircraft, we will solve this problem easily, with twin cage fighting machine in the form.

— I wanted to ask you about impingement, but I’ll do it later. While I would like to ask you, what will happen to the other aircraft? For example, with the MiG-31.

— MiG-31 — a beautiful aircraft. He has a great future. We are currently undecided. According to the list, we have about 300 of these aircraft, more precisely, 252 in the Air Force. We plan to have a battle of up to 100 such aircraft. Decided on its modernization under the new challenges in the form of MiG-31BM. We decided that we upgrade the MiG-31BS, and we have, besides the MiG-31B, Series DZ series and BS. We decided that a series of BS remain without refueling, DZ — with refueling and B — also with in-flight refueling. In this series DZ will perform their specific tasks. And in our line-up will be up to 100 aircraft. Wit
h new weapons missile "air-air" long-range, in fact, implement the combat capabilities of an onboard complex, then a mix of old and modern weapons and a new navigation system.



We turn now to another whole range of aircraft. From decimeter to meter pass. This range will move our entire range navigation. This is due, primarily, to the decision of the Government on the transition of television to digital communication. And we are in this case with UHF leave. But in this case, let us realize the possibility of landing on any civilian airfield. And in 2014, this opportunity will be fixed by law. Now is not the budget, but the funds are allocated for air navigation services. And on the 14th, we will be exempt from paying for airfield services — for parking and airport services.

We can safely fly across the territory of the Russian Federation, using all the airfield network, both military and civil aviation. And the MiG-31 — one of the first aircraft, which will get the opportunity. He has to fly in high latitudes. It’s a plane, which is practically designed for autonomous action outside of the radar field — such opportunities he has. Therefore, it should use any airfield, which he will need. As the Arctic Circle and south of the country. In Kamchatka, Chukotka, in the Russian Far East — wherever required.

Automated control system on it is quite advanced, it allows the aircraft comes in to land at the border of 50 meters and visibility of about 800 meters. All equipment of the aircraft allows it, airport equipment — too. And it is very well solve all the tasks entrusted to it.

— We talked about the Su-34. But in theory it should in the long term to replace the Su-24 bomber.

— Not in theory, but it is really going to replace him.

— What will be the fate of the Su-24, has not come all the Su-34?

— We have modernized Su-24. And we already have two squadrons of new upgraded versions of this machine. This ROC "Hussar" — 24 units we have in the Far East. And directly in the European part and Ural in Shugole goes directly upgrade surrounded by "Metronome". Company conducts its famous Alexander N. Panin.

We can say that the results that we got on this machine, we are fully satisfied. And we will be watching and modernization, and the reduction of simple Su-24, which we still have in service. They, of course, dosluzhivayut its life cycle, it is a beautiful aircraft soldiers who solved their problems. And we will deliver a series of high military aircraft. While 2020 did not go entirely to the Su-34, which we will be composed of more than 120.



We have, in fact, there are four command, State Center — five main reference points, where we will create a group on 24-28-30 flying the Su-34. Far East — is Khurba it Chelyabinsk, it Krymsk and Voronezh and Lipetsk.

— I remember how we all stood together in Farnborough and watched the flying F-22. You did not really have responded favorably about him, saying that he did not quite live up to those promotional materials that painted his unsurpassed dignity.

— Then I will not say. I said, "You see, I smile. I am very pleased that he is flying. " We then stood next to Mikhail Pogosyan ASLANOVICH, so, apparently, we have not shown all the opportunities that have this machine, but we Pogosyan realized that our partners are also trying to go to those highly mobile options that we have. They are a fact for a long time denied, apparently because there were some technical problems with the solution of this problem. And the second — we fly no worse than they are. You are not just made sure to max. And in 2009 and 2011, when showed the MiG-29 OVT, Su-35th …

I then Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putinu. — VL) said that those maneuvers performed by our aircraft, we have not even found the name.

— I thought of the F-22 in connection with the T-50. It has to be better than an American fighter?

— I told someone from the foreign correspondents to determine better or worse, it is necessary to see how the car behaves in the air. At the time, we were told that the F-15 — is unmatched plane. When I was at our Academy Gagarin, we repeat that this is just a "supersamolet." And when I was allowed to fly on the fate of the last modification of the machine F-15E, we flew to Ramstein with General Harchevsky — he is on the same machine, I — on the other, I then realized that even the MiG-23MA while you can safely fight with this plane. Quietly.

Everything is relative. Here triggered our proverb: "Better to see once than hear a thousand times."

— But the T-50 is already flying. Three cars if I’m not mistaken, are tested.

— T-50 flies. Obletyvat flight performance, go to the test board complex, built a machine that will go to operational use. All within. I say it all the time. There are technical problems. It is clear that the establishment of such a machine is not going smoothly. But I am the chief designer Alexander Nikolayevich (Davidenko. — VL) happy. When I’m in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, never pass by the shop, which collects fighter. Topic closed and everything else, but we Director respected Alexander Ivanovich (Pekarsh. — VL) regularly discuss the progress of the aircraft. While no fundamental questions asked.



— That is all going according to schedule.

— Yes, that recently there was Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin. — VL), we showed him everything he asked a lot of questions. And when we begin to deal with the use of the T-50 for the intended purpose, and it is designed to gain air superiority, it is one of its main objectives — winning the battle area of the air (in the LG have somewhere to 60 such machines) I think that these aircraft will only fly first class fliers.

We understand that this will be a special plane, we know where it will be deployed, for which tasks. And there are already flying, we say high-class professionals. This will be an elite unit, which will carry out the most important and difficult tasks and is able to meet them. The speeches of the young pilots here goes. I even can not put such a task.


— Talk with us is very interesting, information-rich. But you have not talked about the military-transport aircraft, about helicopters. What plans do we expect here?

— There are plans for a promising aviation complex long-range aviation. We have returned to this issue.

— This was said in the article, and Vladimir Putin.

— Yes. Somewhere over the 30 years we should have in the new Air Force plane with combat capabilities that adequately allow him to play a major role in the Air Force nuclear deterrent in the triad of strategic nuclear forces of the Armed Forces.

As for the military transport aviation. Then I can not help but rejoice about the decisions that are accepted. Here and restore production of An-124-100 version of the An-124-300, and big strides in accordance with the capacity of the plant is the restoration of the production of the An-124-100.



— It will be in Voronezh?

— No, it’s all in Ulyanovsk. Next, in the same production line launched Il-76MD-90A. All we have left from Tashkent, we have created this project in a digital form, and in July, I think this machine will fly.

We have quite a number of such cars we buy, and it will be our main carrier for specific tasks, which I spoke earlier. Those, for example, refueling tankers will fly on this machine, which will allow the engine D-9
0 without changing altitude to perform tasks refueling. Now we have, for objective reasons, it is necessary to lower down such an operation. Because the engine. And with the new economy, these problems we will solve simpler.

Further. I am the chairman of the commission on completion of the An-70 aircraft. Was in Kiev, we have removed all the contradictions that were there. Ukrainians collect a car that they have, and also in June and July, they have to submit it to us and we have to fly. Apparently, all the finishing work conducted on the territory of Ukraine to quickly resolve all the shortcomings, which, of course, will be at this stage. And, later, on the territory of Ukraine, and in Russia we will complete the okra on the plane.

— And it will collect in Omsk?

— While previously in Voronezh. Antonovites very actively interact with this plant for the AN-148, there are other projects on the An-158 and An-178 — there is a well-established relations, engineering, technical, organizational, technical, purely organizational, there is a mutual understanding. Besides Voronezh not far from Kiev is located. And from Kharkov as well. And I think that a small distance will allow them to quickly resolve any issues.

Now light military transport plane. We have stayed at the option of the An-140-100. And such a military task for the transfer of technology to Him we will be charged. This aircraft will be used primarily for the transportation of personnel and cargo inside the small districts, which will save both time and fuel. And then we have an inter-governmental agreement and a joint project with India on a joint aircraft military transport aircraft with a payload of up to 20 tons — MTA. We are ready to buy such cars to one hundred units.

The issue of mobility without military transport aircraft not solve. And I believe that the fleet for these purposes must be not less than 300 aircraft of various types. Super heavy, heavy, tactical, lung, each to perform its task.

The General Staff has put us to task for those troops who are in service of the Armed Forces, it is necessary to have planes to airlift heavy brigades, medium and light. Easy to instantly anywhere in the country or abroad, in connection with our international obligations to solve their problems. How so? Only by using military transport aircraft.

— A helicopter?

— My favorite army aviation (they say that the front-line pilots do not like the army aviation — is a grave error.) We, as no one understand the role and place of army aviation in modern armed conflicts that occur and will occur. And she understands the role of the leadership of the Ministry of Defence. Including the Minister and Chief of the General Staff.



We said that before the 20th of the year we buy a thousand helicopters. Including heavy helicopters Mi-26 Mi-26T is already a helicopter, we have them more than a hundred units. Improving and got a modified Mi-8 helicopter, the last modification AMTSH, MTV-5. Next — we do an all-weather, non-stop helicopter with advanced combat capabilities. Again, based on the Mi-8. Industry offers us a transitional helicopter between the heavy and medium — Mi-38. This machine also is under a particular perspective.

— And what will be the role of Mi-38?

— Mi-38 helicopter is the average between the Mi-26 and Mi-8. This is the other engines, the other payload. Some states say that the Mi-26 heavy machine too, they do not need. But with a payload of 12 tons, 15 tons, 8 tons would be very useful. That’s the kind of class and will be the helicopter.

"Helicopters of Russia" are engaged in this issue. We told them: you first create the product, and then we look for what purpose and under what tasks to use it.

Now for the battle. You know, a long time in the press and among the experts were disputes, which is better — the Mi-28 and Ka-52. Taken, in my opinion, very competent state decision making both cars. They are, in fact, complement each other. Mi-28 helicopter as the main line on the battlefield.

In modern conditions, and here I am grateful for the support of the Minister of Defence that all aircraft, except for the Fleet Air Arm and everything to do with solving the problems of the fleet, all concentrated in the Air Force. On the one hand, the task has become more and on the other — have left all parochial interests, especially since all the management is now under the leadership of the General Staff. And the planning application, and the organization of training. I believe that this is a right decision made by the Ministry of Defence. It is my personal belief. Although, as always, something we like, do not like it, but time will show.

REVOLUTION at the management level

— In connection with this observation, we have moved to the important issue that I would like to ask you. How to pass control of aviation today? It is known that all it was transferred to the county or to the Operations Command, created seven air bases, airfields repaired 28, held the other, frankly, revolutionary changes. What is now engaged in Air Force Commander and his staff?

— I would say so. If the system is conceived to be implemented control devices and systems, a new automated control system (ACS), all built correctly. Now, in my opinion, we did some revolutionary on many issues. These revolutionary steps are felt in the planned work. Without completing the creation of a technical, organizational, we can, and finished it, we have to manually adjust something, correct. But we do not refuse to meet these challenges.

I’m here on the remote has buttons for call to all four regional commanders. We are an online talk with them often. And most importantly — military training has remained at the main command of the Air Force. Construction of species and military training. And without combat training which may be the use?

Daily flies more than 70-80 of our parts. All this should keep track coordinate, monitor, air force — this is the form that is constantly in motion and constantly requires monitoring. Do not just set it and forget the task, and set the task more in control of how it is performed and in control of its results. In another not.

— Then they korrektiruesh.

— Yes.

— In continuation of this problem, a question and defense. You passed to the county not only aviation, but also in the aerospace defense air defense brigades.

— We’re not all air defense brigade was transferred to the air and space defense. We passed EKR only the central industrial region. One that once covered the Moscow Air Defense District, then the command of Special Forces, then Operational Strategic Command in the Air Force. In the end, it is USC we passed a new branch in East Kazakhstan. And, in fact, they are now engaged in anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense of the Central Industrial Region. Moscow and all that surrounds it.

Other tasks assigned to air defense commanders districts. But again, these combat training of troops engaged in the supreme command. We prepare the troops, we prepare all the legal framework, methodological framework, we conduct exercises, prepare the troops for the exercises and everything else. And the commanders of districts are taking troops and use them for the intended purpose. Here’s a subtlety.

— A military equipment who book?

— Order management. But its ideology builds the Main Command of the Air Force.

— So, you decide how much you need the C-300 as the C-400, C-500 … Use C-300B or C-300VM?

— While this ideology for the Air Force. Bye. But what will happen next, we’ll see. I stress again, the troops ASD deal with the problems of the Central Industrial Region.



And all that will be associated with the strategic missile defense and theater missile defense, too, of course, will be close to the leadership of these forces. They will build an ideology here. But in any case, all decisions taken by the General Staff. Naturally, with the active participation of all species and genera. Because you can not talk about defense, not knowing what role is played here by Air Force, Navy, especially in the coastal areas, where it plays a major role — is a complex task. And it can solve only one governing body — the General Staff.

— Of course. But then the question arises with the Army Air Defence. They, too, should be included in the system or remain under the combined arms brigade commanders?

— There are a lot of opinions on this matter. I believe that in today cover the troops on the battlefield — a problem the Army Air Defence. But beyond that, we can not talk about the organic nature inscribing them in other systems. We need to look at our doctrine. If we plan to conduct military operations outside the Russian Federation, is one approach. If we say we will defend ourselves, it’s a different approach. But they, air defense forces and air defense forces Army, complement each other. By problems. And we must, of course, a single control system of air defense in Russia to eliminate these inconsistencies.

At the command of the commander of the district, for God’s sake. I am a very long argument on this subject, I argued and told me that it is likely a mistake. I do not want to say I am right or not, but I have a dissenting opinion. But all decisions are made, and we will have to perform.



At the same time, we want to or not, but with the central command post of the General Staff, this problem will be solved, and it is — one of the main objectives of the strategic operations of the Armed Forces, no doubt. And spelled out so that the principal perpetrator of this problem — the central military authority in the person of the General Staff. Once fully completed technical management, what we said — created network-centric control, then all will fall into place. And the system of decision-making and decision-making of the organization’s strategic course of action will lie in a different plane. It is our immediate future. We see it, we understand, but it has not yet come.


With regard to financial security, then there are no questions. I am concerned only resource providing aircraft and helicopters, which dressed up to the task.

— That is the kerosene all right?

— Availability of kerosene, fuel and other resources I absolutely do not care. All there is, it’s not the years. Airfields, fuel and lubricants, we even signed a contract with JSC "Gazprom Neft — Aero", 12 airfields we launched this network — the so-called outsourcing. He is already in the works. More worrisome condition and resource provision. Unfortunately, our structure "Aviaremont" not as a pragmatic response to all the needs that we need, as it should. I can still understand what’s the reason.

The money for the repairs and restoration are highlighted. And a lot. If you compare with the time of the 90s, then at times. Financial capacity is, the responsibilities are defined, the specification — as well. Not enough quickness and responsibility of officials who are required to do it. Unfortunately, over the serviceability of equipment is sick at heart only the Main Command of the Air Force, which is responsible for military training. Our other reason structures are only responsible for financial flows.



This problem. But if last year we flew about 340 thousand hours, gave a touch more than 90 hours per pilot. This is a different raid — depending on the type, the type of aircraft. This year I set a task, especially in relation to young pilots to fly a minimum of 100 hours.

— But your pilots fly not only to improve individual learning, but also, apparently, to solve complex problems within the framework of the exercise in the districts? Do you take part in these activities?

— Of course, all large-scale exercises, if you notice, a role played by aviation. If you are not home. Everyone looks at what is happening in the air.

— And in what the most important teachings of this year you will be taking part?

— In all. All that is planned, everything is connected with aviation. We have a plan to ensure all aviation activities. It is approved by the Chief of General Staff, and we take a very active part in all the exercises.


— The question of the social problems the Air Force. Increased two to three times the salaries of pilots.

— We understand them. A single settlement center, went just the second month, they began to pay higher salaries, somewhere something did not work. We’ll all get better. People understand all that stated they will receive. Not now, then later.

— A great increased the salaries of, for example, the squadron commander?

— This is comparable to those payments that are received by the pilots 400-th order. And it is many times more than what was needed. The exact figures can be improved, so as not to deceive readers.

— And on housing?

— Housing set up very much. You drove through Balashikha saw how much of it. More than 6,000 apartments. And in the suburbs are building. But this ruined our account was in quarters and operational units, have now made a single bank. We often go to falter. Every Friday, yesterday, including Zhukovsky (Makarov. — VL) holds a meeting on the issue. I do not know when this will be a failure, but I already told her that if we are not on the ground to improve the situation, starting with the units and above do not realize what is happening, then on top of that to wait? It is helpful to understand at the level of parts.

Unfortunately, some parts of the aircraft went into the county, of which we spoke earlier. I, as commander in chief, to influence the situation there can not. But I do not need to do this job. There is a territorial authorities, which are designed to solve these problems. But it must be said that some of the officers, too irresponsible to these issues — notice it, but they did not draw up the documents. Especially because of thoughtlessness or delay time. Do not represent the full documents which need to be.

The situations are different. Someone has housing, but still tries to grab. Many temptations. The armed forces today is the only structure in which people are given accommodation by the law of the state.

Service housing is planned for the main base, in fact, we will have seven basic airfields and 14 aircraft base airfields and military aviation, there will be set up office accommodation. Everything else, whether we like or do not want to go eventually to the Municipal. All the towns we pass there.

— Another thorny question — about education. Including associated with the scandal that erupted due to the transfer of the Academy of Zhukovsky and Gagarin in Voronezh. Why is this and what will happen to the wonderful Museum of Aviation, which is located in Monino?

-Museum as he was, and remains. He will enter a branch of the Central Museum of the Armed Forces, and no it does not infringe.

On the academy. I have a lot of answering this question. Why such a rich country like the United States, have only three military institution. According to officer training. Somebody asked this question? Why can not they spread out across the country the network of educational institutions? Why in England, right? On be
half of the Minister of I with his subordinates, and it is well-known people — Harchevsky General, General Degree, Colonel Barre, God willing, will soon be general — the elite of today’s Air Force, went on a business trip, and almost a week looked organizing combat training U.S. Air Force. Were in the Pentagon, in all commands, including Air Force Base in Nelis. By Soviet standards, it can be compared with the base in Marah, where I once served.

We were also in Colorado Springs and to the Academy, where both enrolled 4,000 students in four courses. And where every year thousands of graduates of 1 500 becomes pilots. 500 they are recruited from other universities. I am very detail their experience, surprisingly, I have colleagues and provided a training program, even under the heading "Service Literature", the conversation was completely open. And I agree with the fact that all you need to concentrate in one place. Including both financial and material resources.

Yes, what we lose? The fact that, for example, from Siberia there is no possibility at all of the guys to come and go to Voronezh school, but it is our task. Organize outreach committee, to conduct competitive tests and find guys who not only from the European part of Russia, but also from the Far East will have to learn. This is a problem of the form to do the selection of students. Including advocacy work. Dial healthy, strong guys, and such need in the Air Force. We once joked: gaining health, and ask for the mind.

This is another task. But to have a network and spray money — not reasonable.

One more point. There, near the city of Voronezh 90 kilometers Lipetsk, Lipetsk training center, which allows for an internship and training officers have the operational and tactical levels. All the advanced technology — there.

— That’s what we talked about pilots. But you do have and meteorologists, navigators, experts in arms. Where they teach?

— All — in one Voronezh University. It is planned to establish the Military Research Center of the State University or training of aviation professionals.

— And where technicians? TECH professionals?

— And the technicians there. All in Voronezh. Currently there all and learn. All engineering schools, which were, in 2009, began teaching there. Irkutsk, then Stavropol, Tambov School of Communications and then … all concentrated in one place. We have only the rights to the Krasnodar branch school, which will prepare pilots. Flight crews and officers of command and control.

— The latest issue. "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" are?

— They had not been touched. No one thought of this and never was.

— And on the Yak-130, they will fly?

— The Yak-130 as soon as we get them, too, will create a squadron to fly with colorful smokes like, say, "Patrouille de France" or "Trichy de Color", others.



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