7 million fry released in the Belaya River (Irkutsk region).

The first meters in their independent living fry will be held here on these channels. Of 6 ponds for three weeks in the White River, and then in the Bratsk reservoir gets 7,000,000 fry.
Peled grown in the village SOSNOVKA Usolsk district for three years. Nine months caviar is in the incubator until the larvae are then sent to a pond to grow up, because the grown-fry is much more likely to survive.

This summer, in large bodies of waterwill release another 20 million individuals of valuable fish species— First in the White River, and the fry will get out of it in Bratsk reservoir. A couple of years released from a hatchery peled return to spawn in the river Belaya, Irkut, Kita.


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