77% of Americans are unhappy with Congress

A "Novaya Gazeta" has already gathered more than 92-thousand signatures for the dissolution of the current State Duma — is the answer to the readers decision to ban adoptions by Americans deputies.

First of all I would like to understand how these were going to sign, and verify if the signatures are valid. Even if this information is true, then this whole operation is no more than a PR campaign. In any case, the State Duma elected millions of our countrymen, and certainly the weather in the house will not make as 100,000 signatures and 200,000.

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And by the way, according to opinion polls, American citizens, much more dissatisfied with their parliament, the State Duma than the Russians.

"A new Gallup poll showed that nearly 80% of U.S. citizens believe that the Capitol "is causing serious harm to the country," despite the best efforts of Congress to prevent "fiscal cliff."

Disaffected members of the Democratic and Republican parties: 68% and 87%, respectively, as well as independent candidates — 79%.

Only 18% of Americans believe that Washington is doing everything possible to help the country out of crisis.

"The hypothesis of Americans that the policy harms the state, once again demonstrates that people do not believe in the administration and in Congress," — said the expert Frank Newport.

The convening of the 113th Congress will show how to change people’s opinions, but only 52% of Americans believe in a better, while others are of a very pessimistic views on the matter.

"I think that no fundamental changes will occur and will still be the case the differences that exist in the current Congress," — says a political science professor at Emory University Alan Abramovich.

On Tuesday, the Institute of Public Policy Polling released another report. According to him, only 9% of respondents approve of Congress. "

In general, there is much more reason to dissolve parliament American than the State Duma. Our deputies, at least defend national interests, at a time when their American colleagues are working on a printing press.


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