8 Reasons why I left America

Dear friends, today I’ll tell you why I left America, having lived there for 4 years. I am often asked and asked this question, so it’s time to answer that question once and for all, that in the future, it is enough to give a link to this post.

You can also read my memories — As I was homeless for three weeks in New York and As I walked away from an immigration raid in America.

  • 8 Reasons why I left America
  • 8 Reasons why I left America

Writing this article was not easy, as it was necessary to bring together all the reasons why I came back from America. And the reasons are many. And it’s the responsible thing — and then always have to give a link to this post when they ask why the back.

I am often asked — how could leave America? From Florida, where summer all year round, palm trees and warm green ocean? And where to? In cold Siberia?

I think first you need to give information about the reasons which led me to go to America.

The first time I went to America in 1998 on a student program. After graduation, I worked summers in a dishwasher summer camp and was delighted with the United States.

Returning to Russia, I was determined to go back to America the following year. Fortunately for me, the main camp chef recommended me for the position of cook, and they sent me a contract for next summer.

I lived in his hometown of Barrow. After returning from his first trip to America I got a job as an English teacher in the school. When I went there, the teachers have not been paid holiday pay for the last year. On this fact can be the general economic situation.

Eventually, after working at the school full academic year, I earned only once, sometime in March. Had to work as a night watchman and a penny, unloading cars on vegetable base. Naturally, I was just waiting to go to America.

Leaving the United States and worked again in the summer camp, when he was a chef, I decided to stay. At first, of no return, and I was not thinking. I worked two jobs, actively saving up money and be happy.

Then came the events of September 11. The country has changed a lot after that. If earlier it was possible to find a job with no problems, then after September 11, it became difficult. Especially because at the time I did not have the right to work.

Then I structure the reasons for his return from America on items.

1. Money

One of the most basic things that prompted me to go back to Russia — it’s money. After September 11, it became much harder to earn. Of the four years of the last two years did not increase my savings.

I have been going to America to earn money. When I realized that making it has become much harder and longer to increase my savings, I started to think about returning to Russia.

Over the four years of his life in America, I did not forget about the parents in Russia and banished them from 150 to 350 dollars per month, no matter how much I earned.

Despite my best efforts, the accumulation of the past two years to increase failed. Most of the time I was working two jobs or even months was in flight when I was a truck driver.

Of course, affected the fact that over time, my expenses have increased. It is one thing — to save on everything and sleep in the little room at the hotel, and the other — to shoot a normal apartment, pay bills and the cost of a car, car insurance, cell phone, high speed internet, etc. Housing in America is very expensive, the lion’s share of wages was spent on rent.

The old man thinks Globator — coming back or not?

  • The old man thinks Globator - coming back or not?
  • The old man thinks Globator — coming back or not?

2. Girls

America — a country of individuals. There’s a huge shortage of pretty girls. Attractive women in the afternoon with fire you will not find.

American girls mostly do not use cosmetics and virtually take care of themselves, despite the abundance of any goods. For example, in Florida, where I lived most of the time, they are dimensionless shirt almost to his knees, big shorts and flip flops. Many due to fast food are overweight, which often surpasses 100 kg.

American girls are not attracted to me at all, just like the compatriots.

3. Compatriots

Remember in the movie "Brother 2?, When the main character had sold the old car on Brighton Beach, which is then broken down on the road? This image shows a brilliant attitude of immigrants from the former Soviet Union to the newcomers.

I have encountered exactly the same attitude all the time. There is no reference to any nationality not, so are all the people from the former Soviet Union.

As much as it may sound sad, but normal people of fellow I met very rarely. Most of the singles were such that it would be better they did not exist. Perhaps in America, a lot of our people, who are good people, but I almost never met such.

I am very glad that most of my life in America, I lived in a place where there was virtually no one was ours and the Americans.

We have many of our hallmark. Having lived in America for several years, the negative traits of their character are developing very actively. For example, if a person was a little greedy, in America, it will become very greedy and stingy.

Of course, there are normal people, but many of our live there on a "Before, I suffered, but now it’s my turn to make money on you, my fellow newcomers."

If you get to America, do everything possible to settle where there is little or no ours. The worst in terms of work — to work on our own. It is our most you will be deceived and underpaid wages.

Me and my best friend BCool. Picture taken in a retro photo studio in Florida. There will be asked whether you want to be "bad" or "good," and then offer a large selection of vintage clothing, accessories and weapons. I chose the image of the gangster, BCool — Pastor:

  • Globator and BCool
  • Globator and BCool

4. Depression

Now this point it seems strange to me, but during the lifetime of depression in America, I had quite often. Moreover, depression I have often lasted for a long time — a few days or weeks.

In life I am an optimist, I love humor and smile often. But in America, my sanguine state often gave way to depression.

I think there were several reasons for this — the almost complete lack of friends, the need to work two jobs, the constant feeling that you’re no use to anyone and that you just do not like the lack of the right to work (in the early years I was an illegal, got right to work and legal status only at the end of your stay in America).

Another reason for depression was that when I was a truck driver, the host I always underpaid and cheated with a salary. No wonder the video Globator-trucker to the question "What attracts you to this profession?" I replied, "Almost everything. If still paying wages, prices would not have this kind of work "(in 1 minute and 52 seconds). The owner was a native of Russia.

sion can be so that at times I wanted to overclock my truck up to the maximum speed with some expensive cargo, and fly into the abyss somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. Five seconds alone with the sky — just me, the truck and the sky …

Well, do not let the bad news. As you can see, the old man cheerfully Globator click a key on the keyboard, typing this post

  • ;)


Once again — if you find yourself in America, nor in any way to get a job to his compatriots. They are happy you will be deceived and nazhivutsya at your expense. It is better to work for the Americans, they are decent. But I had no choice — at that time I was an illegal without the right to work.

5. The low social status

Left in America after the summer camp and sitting on two jobs (cook and a night guard), I began to feel that my social status is low.

Fleeing to America, your social status is lowered by several notches. Figuratively speaking, if a Russian man was a doctor, in America it will be a paramedic or nurse.

America makes it possible for illegal immigrants to work on low-prestige jobs, because it is economically advantageous to it, but they will always feel their status and their capabilities will be greatly limited. I realize that I am a guest worker.

Not that I was suffering because I have to work on the second-rate jobs, do not. In my youth I worked a dishwasher and janitor, and a password cracker, onion. But subconsciously I felt his guest worker status, and it is also the result was one of the reasons for my departure from America.

I am on the day of his return to Russia:

  • I am on the day of his return to Russia
  • I am on the day of his return to Russia

6. Illegality

By the end of stay in America, I got right to work and become legal, but at first illegality heavily poisoned my life, so I have included this item in the reasons for his return. I got legality when she told me was no longer needed — I was going to come back.

When you do not have the right to work — it’s not just the ban. You will not only be very difficult to find a job, but you might find as a result of immigration raids, a few months to put in an immigration jail with some illegal Mexicans, and then deport and bring in a database, making further entry to the U.S. and many other countries will be very problematic.

7. In the Russian standard of living has improved

Being in America, I have a couple of times a month I called his parents, and was also interested in news from Russia via the internet.

In 1999, it was one country, in 2003 — is another. The standard of living has improved. Not that life is quite good, but there could well come back.

8. Return to Russian friends and acquaintances

Another reason for my departure was that some of my friends and acquaintances in America returned to Russia a few months before my return.

In their responses, the living conditions have improved. If it is said the people who have lived in America for several years, as I do, that their opinion can be trusted. They could be directly compared.

I saw that they were back, found a job and is quite satisfied with their lives. It is also influenced my decision to come back.

About the most return I will write a separate story. I can only say that within six months I was buying gifts for all family, friends and acquaintances.

Globator purchased gifts:

  • Globator purchased gifts
  • Globator purchased gifts

Then I rented a van, loaded it all my things and went to New York. From there flew to Russia.


  • Minivan
  • Minivan


Being back in America, I took back to Russia as a journey to another planet. And so it is. America and Russia — it’s completely different planet with its pluses and minuses.

Russian pros outweigh the pros for me to America. On my return I have no regrets and I think that did the right thing.

Cause such as nostalgia, I was not — did not have time to get bored, you had to earn.

I think the readers shakin.ru not fully understand why I was still left America. It is difficult to understand, I completely agree. In order to fully realize this, you need to stay in my skin and live there for at least a couple of years be illegal without the right to work, and at the same time to work two jobs.

Whisper — of course, at times I remember the good old days of the Wild West. Well, it will be an occasion to pay a visit and travel in familiar places as tourist.

You have to live where you feel good. And I feel good in Russia.

I wish you to live in a place where you feel good!

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