85 years old from Russia

November 4, 2013 the company’s largest electrical engineering industry in the country of "ELEKTROZAVOD" turns 85 years old!


Founded in Moscow in 1928, the first domestic transformer plant — Moscow "ELEKTROZAVOD" played a crucial role in the electrification and industrialization of the country in the development of national economy and industry. Since the implementation of the security plan for electrification, "Electrozavod" is a permanent member of government programs for the energy and industrial potential of the country, solving the problems of development and manufacturing of a new unique electrical equipment. Today Holding Company "ELEKTROZAVOD" — a diversified integrated company focused on integrated implementation of projects for the construction, reconstruction and modernization of the energy sector. The company focuses powerful industrial, scientific and engineering base, engineering and service centers, specialized design and research institutes. Geography supply equipment of "ELEKTROZAVOD" includes more than 60 countries and covers all regions of Russia.


JSC "ELEKTROZAVOD" — a 85-year-old school design of transformer and reactor equipment in the USSR and Russia. The company’s plants produce more than 3500 items of power equipment, the company is actively involved in the construction and reconstruction of Russian and foreign engineers. Geography supply equipment of "ELEKTROZAVOD" includes more than 60 countries and covers all regions of Russia.

Over the past 10 years the company has carried out a global production base modernization and construction of new electrical enterprises:

— in 2011, full modernization of the production complex in Moscow with the use of new technologies and manufacturing equipment for the production of a powerful extra high transformer and reactor equipment. The production capacity of the new plant for the production of heavy-duty power transformers and reactors of the new generation of 18,000 MVA / year. Technological capabilities provide enterprise manufacturing power transformers up to 630 MVA voltage class up to 750 kV shunt reactors and 300 MVAR voltage class up to 1,150 kV.

— In the Republic of Bashkortostan grows new transformer factory production capacity of 27,000 MBA / year, technical and technological equipment that meets the highest standards in the world. Products of Ufa transformer plant has already established itself as a modern reliable equipment for construction and reconstruction of power facilities in Russia and abroad. The plant produces a wide range of power transformers up to 500 kV and up to 267 MVA. In addition, the plant organized the production of distribution transformers up to 4000 kVA, voltage up to 35 kV. Currently, work is underway to expand the production of current transformers and voltage classes of voltage 35 — 500 kV and construction of a new plant for the production of high-voltage switchgear up to 500 kV, including filling with gas-insulated switchgear (GIS, tank and breakers).

— carried out a complete modernization of the Ufa plant "Electroapparat" providing the production of a wide range of electrical products: vacuum switches 6-10 kV circuit breakers at 35 and 110 kV, complete switchgear and transformer stations 6 — 35 kV, control cabinets and automation for different purposes and different electrical components. The plant is currently the only manufacturer in the territory of Russia KRU 20 kV.

— based on the production site of the world famous Institute of transformer — WIT in Kiev completed construction of a new plant large power transformers up to 500 kV.

— jointly with the Russian company "Moskabelmet" a joint venture (JV) for the production of transposed and enamelled winding wires. In JV "Moskabel-Electrozavod" apply the latest technology and modern equipment, which allows to manufacture products unparalleled in Russia. Creation of joint venture "Moskabel-Electrozavod" allowed many Russian transformer factories refuse to import the transposed winding wires.

The company since 2006, is the All-Ukrainian Scientific-Research, Design and Technological Institute of transformer (PAO "VIT"), Zaporozhye, engaged in research in the field of transformer, development of design documentation of new transformer products, development of production equipment and testing transformer and reactor equipment. At the Moscow area of "ELEKTROZAVOD" in 2007 created "Electrotechnical Institute of Innovative Technology", engaged in the development of gas-insulated switchgear for voltages of 110-500 kV converter technology devices (devices for CSR bias, frequency converters, STK, and other devices), control systems and diagnosis.

The company’s investment in the modernization and construction of new innovative industries exceed 16.5 billion rubles!

Measures adopted by the company for the development of production facilities provide a tripling compared to 2007 production volumes of possible electrical equipment — in 2014 already MVA to 46 thousand a year, with start-up transformer plant in Zaporozhye production capacity will amount to 65 thousand MVA per year in competition with other domestic transformer plant will meet the needs of Russian power and refuse to import equipment.

The company develops and manufactures equipment for the modern technical level with the use of advanced design and technological solutions, advanced materials, and the experience of leading world manufacturers, uses well-proven high-quality componentry.

Over the past few years at the company developed and utilized in the production of more than 400 kinds of new electrical equipment, including:

-Voltage transformers up to 750 kV 630 MVA capacity to work in a block with power generators, including nuclear;

-shunt reactors at 220-1150 kW, including managed, single-phase and three-phase versions;

-auto-voltage class 220, 330, 500, 750 kV transmission lines;

-Complete switchgear and transformer substations of 6-20 kV, and other advanced equipment for the needs of power plants and network businesses.

The activities of the enterprises of the holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" allows you not only to the manufacture of modern electrical products, but also to take an active part in designing and implementing large-scale projects for the construction of power "turnkey". Engineering Center of "ELEKTROZAVOD" provides order fulfillment for 110-220 kV substations: design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and delivery of complex customer substation high-voltage electrical equipment. Service Center provides delivery, set-up and delivery to the customer transformer and reactor equipment at voltages of 110-750 kV.

Today, the holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" employs more than 5,000 people. In the historical record of the names listed more than 530 labor dynasties, many of which are open on this day. 85 years, we
will transform ENERGY — These words became the motto for those who work in the enterprise, is rightly called the flagship of Russian power.

November 8, 2013 in the Column Hall of the "House of the Unions" (Str. Dmitrovka, 1) the grand meeting "85 years from Russia!", in which will honor the best employees, veterans of labor, representatives of labor dynasties, who have made a significant contribution to the development of the enterprise and industry of Russia as a whole.

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