A contract for the supply of 140 units of Ka-52

The Russian Air Force will receive 140 adopted modern helicopters Ka-52. "Alligator" will be produced at the plant "Progress" in the seaside Arsenyev. Employees of the company have considered this contract gift — "Progress" is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

In the skies above the seaside Arsenyev colorful show featuring aircraft and paratroopers. Soars skyward latest Russian combat helicopter Ka-52, better known as "Alligator". In the world today there are only 12 such pieces. This year’s model to mass production. On the day of the 75th anniversary of the plant "Progress" has a unique opportunity to visit the secret assembly plants.

"Alligators" — a modification of the legendary "Black Shark". Although the Ka-52 and outwardly similar to its predecessor, it is faster and more functional. The essential difference — a cabin for two pilots, each of whom in combat could be an "operator of arms."

Chief Designer of OKB Kamov Sergei Mikheyev said: "When designing at the time the Ka-50, we laid it as a multi-purpose machine that could evolve in the production process. And this is happening, this is not the latest version of the helicopter. "

The machine is equipped with state of the art electronics, it is able to detect the target at night, in bad weather, strikes, even armored vehicles both on the ground and in the air. Senior Test Pilot AAC "Progress" NI Sazykina Vladimir Utva confessed, "Piloting, flying on it, you get only positive emotions. The machine is installed power, maneuverable. "

In the development of new machines and Rosoboronpromom holding company "Helicopters of Russia", which includes Arseniyevsky aircraft factory, invests $ 250 million. Considerable funds are spent on upgrading the plant. Instead of the usual lathe commissioning engineer Anatoly Kolchanov learning to work on a modern machining center with CNC. "I have nothing to compare, I worked on the universal machine and on it. Absolutely everything is different. More productive equipment, perfect!" — He says.

Managing Director AAC "Progress" NI Sazykina Yury Denisenko said "buy modern equipment, machine tools, there is an intensive staff training."

In the troops need to put 140 "Alligator", which means that the "Progress" orders secured for the next decade. The Russian Defense Ministry signed a long-term contract with the company, which will increase by almost three thousands of jobs.

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