A conversation with one liberasty

Very typical case, and in general all is said directly on the pattern. So I think I will keep this discussion ka for posterity. So his post

Oh I do not like to break the illusion, but …

"Yuri" was built one — about ten years. In this case — it is technically still at best level of American boats of the past generation, as far as I know. And in this case — into this damn dorogushchuju — STILL NO ROCKETS!

By the way, the Yankees are no "Bulava". They have a "Trident 2 (D5)." Which, again, is better. And most importantly — the summer. And not just 5 of 12 -.

You mention "blue" — really cool rocket, though, and liquid (that submarine is not quite good), that’s just … SOVIET.

About the Su-30 wrote quite right: the first serial in fifteen years (!). And most importantly — the Su-30 is a Soviet fighter. First flight — in 1988. Not rashkinsky. SOVIET. There is a slight difference, huh?

By the way, the Su-35, for the first time, took to the air in the same, 1988.

Again, by the way — on paper, all of these machines are, but are put into service quite lazy. Our main fleet — another Soviet "drying" and MiGs. Yes, most after the upgrade.

When and how much will be procured really modern (if you believe the press) T-50, I do not presume to predict.

The trouble is that all the good that is in the current "Raschke," was not done in it, and in a different country, called the Soviet Union. In which, besides, he lived a very different people. Skhodyashy not crazy about "House-2" and has not Storchay on drugs.

Call at least one achievement of the "New Russia"? Well, except for recessed station "Mir", perhaps.

My answer

What is the illusion that?

1. It was built 10 years. So what? Nowhere else in the world except the United States (and there is no 4th generation), such boats are being built at all.
2. Rockets do not. So what? For the Sharks, too nebilo rockets, and they were built by the time the three. Three huge world’s largest submarine without missiles.
3. In the best case. So what? And we have to be the best? And if not better, then roll in shit? Such is the logic?

> By the way, the Yankees are no "Bulava"

Thank you, I know :)

> They have a "Trident 2 (D5)." Which, again, better

Better what? Blue? Not much. Mace? You have access to classified documents? For you have come :)

> And most importantly — FLY

Excellent, glad for the Pindos. But it is the only country with such a missile, others have not. We MUST lists you all the best, or only one option, we roll in shit? SO?

> The first serial for FIFTEEN YEARS

Otlisno. The truth is the first Su-30. But the fact that we finally began to build a fighter, I’m happy. You, as I understand it, sad. Did you know that many countries do not build their fighters. Either they are much worse than ours, or a copy of our own.

> And most importantly — the Su-30 is a Soviet fighter

So what? This is the same country! People are the same! So there is no difference, and you’re lying, because this modification was developed in our time, yes, based on the Su-27, SO WHAT? We need to throw out everything and be sure to do everything from scratch? What is the logic?

> By the way, the Su-35, for the first time

This is nonsense. Since there were two of the Su-35, and the one that now has been created quite recently, the so-called Su-35BM (Big upgrade), or to the army, he called the Su-35S

He has almost nothing from the old left, not even a completely different airframe, other engines, the other radar! This is actually a new aircraft, which many attribute to the fifth generation, as it is the majority position he ssotvetvuet. Teach materiel, and do not confuse the different planes.

> On paper all of these machines are, but are put into service quite lazy

In fact, they are still on trial, but other countries such or similar machines not at all. Only in the United States.

> Our main fleet — another Soviet "drying" and MiGs

So what? Predalagaem throw out all aircraft for which is still a huge potential for modernization, reduce pensions and rivet new? We live within our means, in many countries there is no such aircraft, and in your beloved China only recently removed from service MiG-19!

> When and how much will be procured really modern (if you believe the press) T-50, I do not presume to predict.

And you should not. Unless of course you are not clairvoyant. But we have it, in countries other than the U.S. does not have anything like this even in the prototype did not fly.

> The trouble is that all the good that is in the current "Raschke," was not done in it, and in a different country called the USSR

They are one and the same country, even legally pravopriemnie Soviet Russia. You’re proposing, to throw out everything? Why America is not soared as much they were created in the 70’s and 80’s? They all use it. And why should we be ashamed?

As for achievements, I have already given a link here on the site, read my journal, there are also a lot of disk imaging. But one thing I do not understand why we have to do something from scratch, we have a lot of developments with the Soviet Union. It turns out, call the achievement of Russia, but there is that to think of it began in the Soviet Union, or some parts of the USSR or the previous model of the Soviet Union, or if it is not, then the person says it’s all garbage, the Soviet Union was better or nebilo because it’s garbage, and not nifiga achievement.

We have a history in the Soviet Union worked the same Russian people, our fathers, grandfathers, ourselves, and this is the same country that is the fault of the bastards was strongly pokotsali, but Russia remained the same, with the same great people and a great history, and the last 10 years it has developed, and many countries can not boast and a fraction of what we have.

And continued

and by the way, did not notice a paste

> At the level of the previous generation of American boats

This is nonsense. As I like liberasty they when something does not add up, start to lie, sometimes even to themselves. So, "Northwind" is the fourth generation nuclear submarine! This is the best strategic nuclear submarines in the world, well let at U.S., but not at the level of the second generation. It just can not be. This project started to be developed in the Soviet Union, do you really think that the Soviet Union was developing a promising second-generation nuclear submarine, then when he already had a third? What the hell are you city?

In short, in a rather short discussion, I have already found three errors, just for instance:

you confused Dryers (twice), maligned features Mace, although they will generally not be known, and now expressed delirium. Yes, in your world, and the truth is not Russia and Raska, but nothing to do with the reality of your world has not.

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