A court in the UK authorized bonded labor

In Europe, there is no forced labor. Or is there? In the UK, the state program «Workfare» provoked much discussion in the community. Under this program, unemployed people can make in 6 months to a year to work for a private company for free. Many well-known British brand corporations laying off their employees and instead to hire the unemployed. Those unemployed who have been forced to work for free, filed lawsuits, and lost the case.

Unemployed for corporations

UK hit particularly hard by the economic crisis. The country has a very high unemployment rate. And the program «Workfare» to help deal with this situation. Those unemployed who are registered unemployed and receives from the state for unemployment benefits, it is their guide for this program to work for free, otherwise the payment of the grant will be terminated. Details and other conditions of work are coordinated by private corporations who send those unemployed. According to the program will be spent on the work of millions of unemployed, ie receiving benefits. However, the program «Workfare» currently not justify the expectations placed upon it. Not more than 3.5% of the registered unemployed could send a free job. The government has given the order to carry out studies on the subject, in which the authors of this study came to the following conclusion:

"The program« Workfare »is not effective or even prevent the unemployed to seek and find a job because they have to spend the time to work through the program. The program «Workfare» worst of all applicable just at a time when the country is very weak labor market and at the same time very high unemployment.

Hire a private company criminally convicted

However, private companies a different opinion on the effectiveness of the program «Workfare». From their point of view, the program opens unprecedented opportunities for them to increase their profits. For example, chain stores «Poundlands» ended its fiscal 2010 profit of 27.4 million pounds, hiring people to work for the minimum, the law allowed a fee. However, in the framework of the program «Workfare» in the network working for example one unemployed woman whose work was mopping the floor and filling the store shelves — for free. It was she, along with others filed a lawsuit against the program «Workfare». In addition, the labor market is gaining popularity among labor sentenced to deprivation of liberty, which provide for private prison companies for the price of £ 3 per hour. Of course money is prison, not a prisoner, since it is also in the framework of the program «Workfare», on which are dependent on the state, including the convicts in prisons may be seconded to work for free. For example, in the call center "Becoming Green" to work for the calls took prisoners from the prisons, firing their employees.

Modern forced labor?

Trapped under this program unemployed sued, arguing that the UK corvee prohibited by law, no one can force anyone to work for free, and in addition, the program is contrary to international treaties on human rights, and that it reminds of servitude in colonies of the British Empire. However, the court rejected the claims, deciding that the current government program «Workfare» in no way has anything to do with the times of colonialism, but the court ordered the authorities to clearly and unequivocally inform the unemployed, they face denial of unemployment benefits in case of unwillingness to work for free, that is k previously it was not spelled out clearly. "


Prepared by Dmitry Backlash

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