A document on the establishment of a common defense with Kazakhstan


Russia and Kazakhstan to the end of 2012 to sign an agreement on the establishment of a unified air defense system. On this, as reported RIA Novosti, said the commander of the Air Defense Air Defense Forces of Kazakhstan Nurjan Muhanov. According to him, all the necessary documents have been prepared and are currently under negotiation.

At present, Russia jointly with the CIS is developing regional air defense zones. It is planned to form Eastern European region, which will cover the defense of Russia and Belarus, the Caucasus and Central Asian zone defense. Russia has already signed an agreement to establish a common defense with Belarus and Armenia.

Cooperation on the establishment of regional air defense zones is also underway with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. As part of the agreements negotiated by the Russian side expected delivery of new anti-aircraft missile systems. Kazakhstan to Russia in 2010 proposedadhere to the system of information and warning of missile and space control.

According Mukanova, in 2013 Kazakhstan expects to receive anti-aircraft missile systems S-300. "The work on the C-300 is, we hope that 2013 will be resolved favorably," — said Muhanov. Russia and Kazakhstan are preparing an agreement for the supply of S-300 since the beginning of 2010. About what is the number of SAMs in question is still unknown. Are not reported as the conditions of delivery of S-300.

In December 2010, the Commander of the Air Defense Forces of Kazakhstan, Lieutenant-General Alexander Sorokin said, that Russia will supply Kazakhstan C-300 for free as part of creating a unified regional air defense system.

In 2009, Kazakhstan has bought ten battalions of S-300 missile launchers, four in each of the provisions of the Armed Forces of Russia. The completion of the execution of this contract is expected in 2011.

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