A few examples of agribusiness investment Tula region

Ltd. to them. Kirov (Tula region) — the company participated in the implementation of the priority national project "Development of agriculture" in the direction of the accelerated development of animal husbandry. The project built 2 farm on 384 head each with a milking parlor, with high-tech equipment.

At present, agricultural enterprise engaged in breeding animals Schwyz and black-spotted rock. Is a pedigree for breeding cattle breeders Schwyz breed.

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JSC "Agro-industrial company" Golden Field " (Novomoskovsk district of the Tula region) — is a pedigree breeders breeding cattle black-and-white breed. In the second quarter of 2011, completed the reconstruction of animal houses for 350 cows with a milking parlor, with high-tech equipment. Total kolichetsov cattle — 1692 head, including cows — 710 heads.

Ltd. pig breeding reproducers "Korablino" (Kimovsk district of the Tula Region) — since 2006, the farm investment project "Reconstruction and modernization of the pig farm for growing pigs up to 30 kg live weight."

In 2010, Canada imported 1,619 head of breeding pigs for breeding herds of Duroc, Yorkshire, Landrace.

Ltd. "PEREPELKIN and Zhoev" (Kimovsk district of the Tula region) — the investment project "Construction of a quail farm and reconstruction of production facilities to 140,000 heads" is implemented in May 2009.

The reconstruction of the building of the former dairy farm, built a checkpoint, killing room is under construction. In 2011, the construction of a new production building maintenance quail meat production by 60 thousand units. When the designed capacity of the enterprise will be created 30 new jobs, quail meat production will increase to 54 tons of eggs to 10 million pieces per year.

Ltd. "Sparta" (Chern district of the Tula region) — the investment project: the construction of two livestock farms for cattle breeding dairy for 800 head with a milking parlor. For a complete set of premises imported from Austria more than 760 head of Simmental breeding heifers.

In October 2011, 160 heifers joined the herd of Holsteins Ltd. "Sparta". And in early 2012 to supplement the dairy herd has imported 872 head of Holstein breed.

Ltd. "Favorite" (Suvorov district of the Tula Region) — software development company — raising dairy and beef cattle. In order to increase the number of livestock from 2009 to the present, continues purchase of breeding livestock. Purchased 164 head of dairy cattle breeding black-and-white breed, and in 1045 head of beef breeds pedigree cattle (200 head of Hereford and 845 head of Aberdeen Angus).

Ltd. "Favorite" plans to increase this number to 2,200 beef cattle heads with the subsequent creation of the breeding sow, receiving an average daily gain in growing and fattening up to 1200 grams, the production of beef for slaughter in live weight not less than 500 tons per year.

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