A former police officer has covered the grenade with his body

Vladivostok. April 26. Interfax-AVN — Pacific Fleet military prevented the penetration of the territory of the base of submarine forces in Kamchatka, "Interfax-AVN" on Thursday, the head of Information Providing the press service of the Eastern Military District, Captain 1st Rank Roman Martov. "Yesterday during an identity check at the bus passengers entering the territory of a closed military city Vilyuchinsk, military security company arrested person without documents. He tried to" negotiate "with the outfit for the passage to the territory of the garrison," — said R.Martov. Having been refused, the citizen drew from his pocket a grenade, pulled the pin and headed out of the room. Running out of the checkpoint, he tried to leave the protective perimeter, but one of the soldiers caught up with him. At this point, the offender threw a grenade at having driven trucks. According R.Martova, located near the passenger covered her with his body. However, the grenade was a hoax. The offender was detained. Investigative agencies Kamchatka under investigation.

Meanwhile, earlier AMIA spokeswoman for Kamchatka region Jeanne Bakaeva reported "Interfax" that the engineer of a company Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, who tried to break into the territory of the closed administrative-territorial formation Vilyuchinsk threatened hoax grenades F-1. "At the checkpoint, "Paratunka" it became clear that this citizen born in 1964. There are no special documents for the right to enter into a secret city. To clarify the circumstances engineer was invited into the room checkpoint where he suddenly grabbed the F-1 grenade, pulled the pin, and demanded the return of his civilian passport, "or he will blow up all", — said the spokesman. She said that document the man returned, but when leaving the room, he tried to pick up ammo. Then the builder threw a grenade at the scene drove up to the car. "The driver — a former police officer — jumped out and covered her with his body a deadly thing. Fortunately, there was no explosion ", — Zh.Bakaeva said. Only later revealed that the pomegranate is a hoax, but it is already installed arrived on the scene SWAT experts. "Police arrested the attacker, it is placed in administrative detention room OMVD Russia on the closed Vilyuchinsk. Shall be checked," — said the representative of the police department.

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