A good dog owner will not bite: selective claims of Japan

Why does not claim to Tokyo alienated America Island?

Since early September, Japan has stepped up territorial claims against neighboring countries. But for many decades in Japan do not remember about the rejection of it by the United States of more than 600 islands in the Pacific Ocean! ..

In addition to the aggravation of the dispute with China and Taiwan as belonging Tiaoyuy Islands (Senkaku), the Japanese government has recently proposed to transfer to the International Court of Justice the question of the status of the South Korean Dokdo (Takeshima). This debate also continues with the mid-1960s, as mentioned by the Chinese islands. Although it is not only the San Francisco Peace Treaty (1951), but the directive Allied Command in Japan on January 29, 1946 (N 677) identified the failure of Japan, and from these, and from the Kuril Islands. With what this country at the time agreed.

In making a claim referred to this day, Japan thus claim to the oil and gas potential of all these islands, and to control the transport and economic ties between Russia, China, North Korea and South Korea in the Pacific.

Indeed Tiaoyuy actually control path between the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific ports of eastern China. Second — on the shelf of the islands explored large reserves of oil and gas, and Japan — 100% strength importer of raw materials.

Contested as the Koreans Islands are located in the center of the Sea of Japan (in North and South Korea, it was officially called East Sea). So they actually control shipping in the basin. And near them also explored large oil and gas reserves.

With the South Kuril Islands — the same situation: they are in the straits between the Pacific Ocean and the ports of Sakhalin. And, again, on the South Kuril explored offshore oil and gas resources.

South Korea said the other day that "historically, geographically and under international law Dokdo — aboriginal territory of the Republic of Korea, so the territorial dispute over Dokdo does not exist and, therefore, no reason to apply to the International Court of Justice." Subjected to sharp condemnation of the policy of Tokyo on the issue: "… Japan, with no evidence of illegally claim to sovereignty over these, not its territories." Moreover, this position supports the Seoul Republic of Korea (DPRK), Seoul promised military assistance in the event of Japanese aggression on Dokdo.

However, since 1945, Japan was deprived of the Mariana, Marshall, Caroline Islands, and Palau (in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean), referred to it in 1919 by the League of Nations. Their total area is almost half of the entire Pacific basin. (!)

Who do they got? USA. Since 1947. On behalf of the United States have received them as a "ward" of the territory. And since 1986, they have been declared Washington's so-called "Federated States of Micronesia."

Neither the government nor the nationalist circles in Japan did not refer to it, much heavier loss. The reason is clear: the military-political alliance with Japan and the U.S. of the 1950s, and numerous U.S. military bases in Japan exclude Japanese claims to the islands. The more U.S. support for Russian claims Tokyo Southern Kurils and Chinese Tiaoyuy.

Therefore, the "experience" of Japan over the "seized" territories — especially market policy. Addressed to many countries, but not the United States …


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