A great storm has killed dozens of Filipinos

A great storm has killed dozens of Filipinos Natural Disasters

Tropical Storm Song Ching brought enormous destruction in Southeast Asia. At the moment, officially confirmed the death of 30 people in the Philippines and Vietnam. On the coast of Vietnam with hundreds of houses blown away, coastal barriers protivoshtormovye not survive the onslaught of the elements.

Wind speed at the northern part of Vietnam reached 133 km / h To protect people from the Vietnamese coast were evacuated at least 260,000 people. This was done in a timely manner, as after the storm there were massive landslides and flooding villages.
In the aftermath of the storm involved more than 1,300 rescuers and search engines. At any time, ready for them to join rescue helicopters, most likely they will go in search of 35-people working on the rig at sea and missing after a blast of the storm and disunite the installation and tow. There are five missing near the cargo terminal in the city of Sanya on. Haining, China.

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