A large investment project is being implemented in the Bryansk region

June 23 started the construction of a dairy complex "Nemerov" Dubrovsky in Bryansk region. This will be one of the largest in the Bryansk region dairy complex at 3600 head herd.

Prior to joining the investor in the sector employs 40 people, the average wage was about 5,000 rubles, the number of cattle was about 450 head. On January 1, 2011 population more than doubled, greatly increased salary workers. For companies actively purchased equipment, one of the parties was presented by the Governor and the leadership of the company after the laying of the first stone.

At the ceremony the head of the region said that the leaders of the "Cyfral" — not the first industrialists who invest in the development of agriculture. Businesses are increasingly investing in the industry, realizing a good return on such projects. To reduce the cost of the final product Nikolai Denin offered to compensate the regional budget and laying of road engineering infrastructure to the complexes for 400 head or more.

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