A little about the organization of Lean production Superjet

Some information about how to implement lean transformation at the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant (NAE, formerly called "NAPO"). Recall, this plant produces fuselage sections Superjet-100 F1, F5 and F6.

 What is lean? Read: "Project Lean production management system for the construction of a" fast company ""http://superjet.wdfiles.com/local—files/wiki:rightstep-napo-lean/leansysproj.pdfFurther, the text of the company’s websitehttp://www.rightstep.ru/customers/ # napo

JSC "NAPO. Chkalov "— One of the largest Russian aircraft companies, which is part of the Aviation Holding Company "Sukhoi". Main products — aviation technology for military and civilian purposes. Since the early nineties NAPO produces multi-purpose fighter Su-34 and also carries out repair and modernization of multi-purpose attack aircraft Su-24. Since 2004, the company, as part of the holding company "Sukhoi", together with Russian and foreign partners, is working on a project Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSj-100) — the new Russian regional jet.

The enterprise has implemented almost all of the processes of aircraft production: harvesting and casting to final assembly and flight testing machines. And the production of all types: from the production of prototypes and single-piece production, to the production of standard products.

Since 2008, the company is developing dynamically and is in the active phase of restructuring. The plant is actively going projects to upgrade machinery equipment and projects to change the enterprise management, including the draft statement of Lean Production and IT management systems (ERP, SCM).

The company is working on Raytstep NAPO since 2008. By 2011, the company has successfully implemented the following systems in the enterprise.

1.MTS Management System1. The system is implemented separately for each of the productions NAPO: military, assembly, civil. The project included the setting of the system to control the following areas:

  1. long-term and medium-term procurement management with the implementation of the hard pozakaznogo (pomashinnogo) plan — monthly planning;
  2. byuzhetirovanie purchases (the formation of a financial payment plan) — A monthly planning;
  3. management of bidding and payments to suppliers;
  4. inventory control of materials and components in warehouses UKMTS;
  5. management applications to receive materials from plants and PKI;
  6. "Material" component of the cost of orders (payment plan and gathering facts on the basis of the information at issue in the proceedings);
  7. Integration with enterprise accounting (1C);
  8. management reporting.
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Workplace Manager

2.The control system assembly production(Final assembly shop). Currently the system is used to control the following areas:

  1. long-term and medium-term planning (planning procured PKI and materials, planning details and machine-parts kits) for MTS and "Item-delatelnyh" workshops, as providers-weekly planning;
  2. short-term planning (forming a masterful job on gathering installation kits) — daily planning,
  3. daily account of the progress made;
  4. action with the reserves, management Prosky.

In the above project management system built on the basis of ERP systems InforERP SyteLine, a completely redesigned "Raytstep" for the possibility of its use in aircraft manufacturing enterprise. Major changes were made in the standard scheduling algorithm (build-to-plan compartments, planning, taking into account the serial numbers of machines, complete surrender) which was replaced by a more modern and suitable for aviaproizvodstv scheduling algorithm system SCMo. Also, was significantly changed transactional part of the system to provide a more comfortable user experience and virtually re-designed monitoring system for monitoring the course of the assembly and ensure the PKI for the assembly and reporting system, both operational and analytical.

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Detail of a map with the route

3.System Planning and Monitoring of productionCivil Aviation Authority (SHA) based on Lean ERP SCMo. The system covers all processes of governance workshops and production areas:

  1. extending (the assembly) pomashinnoe nomenclature production planning delatelnyh item-shops with the formation of kanban (accompanying tag with a bar code);
  2. Custom (pomashinnoe) management of a complete set (ready to assemble) assemblies (TKTP) in Prosky (industrial warehouses) aggregate-assembly lines;
  3. planning and management of the assembly, including to the level of technology and installation kits;
  4. planning and (transaction-) production management departments Services (electroplating, painting);
  5. Lean Accounting course of production and interplant / mezhuchastkovyh movements, including using bar coding;
  6. parallel, in the PDM TeamCenterEngineering SCMo and maintenance engineering and design of products and their subsequent synchronization;
  7. planning (long-term, medium-term, short-term) MTS;
  8. visualization and monitoring of production for managers at various levels, from the superintendent to the CEO;
  9. full support for the new payroll system ODA and engineers sites.

Feature of the project is its speed (the decision was implemented in about 10 months) and a parallel installation of the project Lean transformation of production.

4.System Planning and Monitoring Aggregate Production and assembly(TSA) BAT-based Lean ERP SCMo. The system is implemented similarly to the joint venture WGA, specific to the production of military aircraft and the requirements for recording and monitoring the production of state customer.

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Cometwrote: To think about. Compared with 2010, the price of our kit (work NAPO) has declined by about two times, even with the additional work handed down to us from Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Cometwrites: We started it all [lean] is to VSL, now slowly experience on military commissar goes.

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