A new airport terminal

Today, April 12, the World Day of Aviation and Astronautics, the International airport "Lviv" to them. Danila Galitsky commissioned a new terminal. The gala opening of the terminal was attended by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine — Minister of Infrastructure Borys Kolesnikov, head of the Lviv Regional State Administration Mykhailo Kostiuk and UEFA President Michel Platini.

UEFA President Michel Platini praised Ukraine‘s preparations for the football championship Euro-2012. According to him, Ukraine has almost reached perfection in preparation for Euro 2012, it remains to finalize some details.
"Ukraine is sent in a big way. Organization in the Euro we demand perfection. Assessing the current situation, we can confidently say that if not all perfect, then close to it. We will have a wonderful Euro and I wish the players the team played well Ukraine. Anyway, Ukraine received a beautiful stadium, "- said Michel Platini.
"Before the Euro is a few weeks and we got together to discuss some points to improve some details. Overall, the process of preparation is going well," — said the president of UEFA.
Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov said that during the time remaining before the Euro 2012, the country will have time to complete all the preparatory processes. "If in 18 months, Ukraine has built four international airport and the stadium, then obustroet 400 square meters and 3 stadiums until May 10," — said Kolesnikov.

  • A new terminal of the airport "Lviv"

The new terminal building with a total area of 48,320 square meters. began to build in September 2009 in preparation for the football championship Euro-2012. Built terminal has six boarding bridges, which are able to simultaneously take two class Boeing -767 aircraft and four aircraft class Boeing -737. The terminal has 29 check-in counters, 18 passport control counters, 9 control points of passage for aviation safety.

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 In addition, the new terminal provides VIP lounge for passengers of domestic and international flights, Duty Free area with a large glass gallery. In general, the commercial component (trade and food courts) terminal will occupy 2,932 m2, airline offices to accommodate 682.4 m 2.
For parking buses organized 25 parking spaces for cars — 1,100 parking spaces. The total cost of construction of the terminal amounted to 1,826.15 million USD.
New terminal to the international airport "Lviv" in line with international architectural, construction and technical standards and requirements of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and the recommendations of international transport association IATA (International Air Transport Association).
Reconstruction of the Lviv airport, the largest in Western Ukraine in passenger traffic and route network will increase the capacity to 2,000 passengers per hour, which meets the requirements of UEFA.
During the Euro 2012 a new airport terminal will serve international flights, and reconstructed, built in 1955, — internal. It is expected that over a period of tournament airport served approximately 49,000 participants in the championship and the fans.

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