A new body of the test center Altaivagon

Test center hardware railway built in the Altai region in 2008. Then the volume of investment in its creation amounted to about 136 million rubles. To build and equip a new building to receive 300 million rubles. His work will allow the plant to produce more modern cars.

The plant is already preparing to release new products, among which the car weighing in at 75.5 tonnes, equipped with a new braking system, with each trolley car has its own brakes.

JSC "Altaivagon" for 9 years is a part of "SDS Mash." In the next 3 years "SDS Mash" plans to invest in the development of "Altaivagon" 8.5 billion rubley.Poryadka 7 billion rubles will be spent on modern equipment the second stage of the plant — a new plant for the production of cars, another 1.5 billion rubles — to build a new paint shop.

This year, the company plans to produce about 6 cars tys.200 When running at full capacity on the new shop, Altai plant will produce up to 15,000 cars a year.

The test center is a strategic enterprise not only for the Altai region, where he successfully operated two platforms "Altaivagon" was created by a cluster of car building, but also for other regions of Russia and abroad. Service businesses are already in demand in Belarus, Eastern and Western Siberia, the Far East, and Central Asia.

For five years, experts test center certification testing conducted by more than 30 sites, conducted preliminary and periodic test types.

The main contractors of the test center — such large enterprises as JSC "Ruzhimmash", JSC "TRANSMASH" (Engels) of the Criminal Code "Bryansk Engineering Plant", Barnaul Car Repair Plant, Saransk Car Repair Plant, JSC "Mogilev Carriage Works" as well as railcar and car repair companies in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The test center is equipped with facilities that are not so much in Russia. It is, first of all, stand tension-compression cars up to 28 meters with the possibility to increase the length to 32 meters for cars.


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