A new building CRH Pavlovo in the Nizhny Novgorod region

In Nizhny Novgorod region on December 22 opened a new building Pavlov central hospital. Construction of new housing facilities were built in the framework of the program of social and physical infrastructure of the region.  

Primary vascular compartment, multi-surgical hospital with 250 seats, purulent surgery on 59 seats, oncology department with 26 beds, a laboratory and an operating unit, intensive care unit and intensive care hospital located on the base of the case. 

Chief Doctor of the hospital said Alexander Maslagin conditions created for patients and staff facilities. "We go out on a completely different level and, figuratively speaking, to become a small regional hospital Semashko. I’m happy! ", — he reported.

According to the chief doctor, entering the body will help to centralize surgical care in the region and translate medical department of the buildings dilapidated buildings.

Note that due to the implementation of the program to modernize health care in the region remains steady increase fertility, reduce the overall mortality rate of the population.

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