A new canopy for Airborne

Moscow Research Institute has created a new parachute parachute "The leaf" for airborne troops. According to Deputy General Director of the Institute parachute Jury trials Nazarenko "The leaf" has already begun.
"Last year, we conducted tests with mannequins, and this summer has already conducted tests with the paratroopers," — said Nazarenko.

The new parachute paratrooper can make U-turns during the descent down into the wind and against it and "make a safe landing."
"The leaf" is packaged in a backpack behind paratrooper main and reserve parachutes. On the chest paratrooper pomeshen other container with ammunition, food and other property, allowing him to perform after landing task.
The new parachute easier consisting armed airborne parachute D-10. Furthermore, it is calculated on the weight of up to 165 kilograms, while D-10 — 140 pounds.

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