A new departure for Dmitrov highway from the village of North opened in Moscow

MOSCOW, November 29
A new exit from the village on the North Dmitrov highway in Moscow, which will facilitate the transport situation residents during the reconstruction of the highway.

 Photo source:mos.ru

The new road linking the 9 th district village with North DMITROVKA extends from Cherepovets Street area Lianozovo to the Dmitrov highway.

"This is essentially understudy Dmitrov highway, but given the fact that you go out on the reconstruction of the Dmitrov highway in January-February next year, this backup will be reconstructed and expanded Dmitrov highway," — said Sobyanin.

As the head of the construction department of Moscow Andrey Bochkarev, Dmitrovka be expanded by one lane in each direction. Bochkarev added that "the opening of this road will provide residents of the village on the North Dmitrov highway exit and save without reducing the capacity of the highway at the time of its reconstruction."

As the mayor, this backup scheduled to open in 2013, but before the builders have done your work.

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