A new form of Russian military figure

Blog Denis Makrushina — special correspondent for the magazine "National Defense"

"The internet is awash with rumors that a new form of the Russian Army "figure" just awful: cold, uncomfortable, just that breaks, shorter is not good for our soldiers. As I always ride on the various military units, as a journalist, it naturally became interested in soldiers and officers what they think about the new thing. I heard different opinions. At the 393rd Air Base in RVVDKU said that the shape of cool, complained of a collar that does not heat. In the same trip on the Trans-Baikal region, and I heard a very different opinion of the soldiers: "Warm Normal Form" (this link video interviews with the soldiers.) The officers also said that the "figure" is comfortable only to 30 degrees below zero at lower temperatures with a wind jacket is blown. Also in the Trans-Baikal, I was given a set of new forms specifically to assess its quality. I few days it faithfully wear (reference), including one day at a temperature of -30 with the wind. Do not freeze. Not even something that is not frozen, but in general it was warm. "

Photo and video — http://twower.livejournal.com/503147.html

"After that, I realized that each of the new media outfit his personal opinion about it, and summarize it, projecting at all with unique findings, it is not worth it. It turns out that someone in the "figure" cold, some warm. The last straw that prompted me to write this record was the article on the site Rosbalta where the name of the soldier cited 10 reasons to hate the shape of Yudashkin. Some of the reasons were so far-fetched that I decided to analyze in detail this article, and along with a detailed account of the "figure". "

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