A new level of corporate governance in the holding KOMOS Group with the control system Advanta

KOMOS Group, one of the largest holdings in the territory of Udmurtia and the Perm region, completed the project of corporate project management system. About 20 companies producing and selling products across Russia, will now lead the project activities in the business management and project management Advanta.

The holding KOMOS Group, there were several key issues that prompted the leadership of the management company to implement a project management system. It is the complexity of the exchange of information in a spatial distribution companies in Udmurt Republic and Russia, the lack of an adequate level of control over the implementation of projects within enterprises of the holding, and the lack of communication when discussing business issues in the projects and the inability to store the history of their solutions.

Due to the lack of a full-fledged management tool that combined the whole project activity holding company initiated projects are often exceeded planned budgets and deadlines.

To solve the problems identified, management KOMOS Group has decided on the selection and implementation of a project management holding company. Initiative group have developed criteria for the selection of the system. The project management system of the holding must contain the functionality of a corporate portal, electronic document management, WEB interface and a Gantt chart, personal account manager and functionality into account the time spent by employees on projects. So it was mandatory requirement for the interface in Russian.


When selecting a system, experts considered holding on to meet the criteria for more than 20 products present on the Russian market. In some systems, it is inconvenient to work, others were difficult to adapt to the specifics of the holding.


Meet the criteria of the charges could only be one system — "Advanta", which was chosen as a tool to create a corporate project management system.


Duration of introduction of "Advanta" was about five months. All this time has been divided into several stages. And the very first of them was the launch of a pilot project in the management company. Experts Advanta Group in a team with members of the managing company started the construction of project structures in the system. In a survey of the project activities of the holding was allocated to three main types of projects:


  • Organizational projects. These projects have been activities to restructure holdings and sub-holdings, discusses mergers and acquisitions.
  • Investment projects. These include the construction and reconstruction of buildings, equipment modernization, development and product improvement.
  • Financial projects. These projects are designed to continuously monitor the financing of project activities.

During the pilot project, it was decided to run the system in the first place on financial projects. The system was loaded with a project template. As a result, the initiation of a new project manager no longer had to paint all the problems. He immediately got ready template with regulated durations and relationships between the works, and for whom continued to work, taking them for deadlines. The project plan has been prepared, could only record the results, fill in the data and deal directly with the project.


Project templates are several types: "Short-term loan", "investment credit", "credit line". Depending on the template automatically set the duration and due to other projects. This allows the project manager more clearly outline their working day. Each step is regulated and, if in the course of performing certain deviations occur, it is immediately obvious to management. Every action is recorded. A Gantt chart can always track the approaching end of the task, and evaluate the picture on the project as a whole.


The next step was the launch of investment projects. When configuring the system, were formed visual reports that at a glance to help understand the current status of the project and its management subject areas.


A number of reports displayed as graphs on the main page of the project. For example, the plan vs. actual analysis of the costs in the form of a line graph.


Through the pie chart report was built to attract contractors for the project. With it’s easy to see those contractors who spend the largest percentage of the budget.


All projects are initiated in the holding pass through tenders. Advanta allowed to show the effectiveness of tenders and the emerging economies or planned budget overruns.


Organizational projects have been completely designed and entered into the system yourself by experts KOMOS Group. These projects were formalized the company’s activities related to the structural change. At this stage the team Advanta Group was engaged in training of key staff and assisted in the establishment of new projects.


  • Conference Advanta 2.0 Berdov Photo 5 Bn
  • Conference Advanta 2.0 Berdov Photo 5 Bn

The system Advanta helped to significantly improve the efficiency of investment advice, conducted on a monthly basis by senior management KOMOS Group. It is a collegial body of the holding, whose task is to evaluate the launching of the project at the stage of initiation. The Board verifies all the projects on the feasibility on several factors: the financial cost, practicality, usefulness to the company. If approved, the idea gets the green light, otherwise the implementation of the project is frozen.


 "On the investment council to discuss the basic criteria of the project: what we expect from him, the timing, budget, economic performance. All information is created within the framework of the meeting is entered into the system references Advanta. In the future, any manager can access this information and consult with the results that the project begins to generate "- narrated by Conference "Advanta 2.0" Vyacheslav reeds, head of business process reengineering KOMOS Group.


During the project implementation regulations were developed by the project activity. At the end of the fifth month of implementation, after the removal of all the possible issues project management system Advanta was put into operation.

What triggered the creation of holding project management system?

"After the introduction of the" Advanta "projects are stored in a well-defined place and available manual at any time. Now you can make a flexible reporting of any enterprise or a separate manager. On top of that available in the system designs of all enterprises of the holding, including several subsidiaries engaged in the sale of motor vehicles and oil resources "- said Vyacheslav Novoselov, Project Manager implementation of the Advanta Group.


In addition, the widespread design approach in holding touched and financial projects, namely the formation of monetary policy holding. Each project (short-term loan, investment loan, line of credit) has its own pattern of work with the put durations and relationships. As a result of doing all the projects on the same principle in the system was able to collect all the necessary information about loans in one place, which became available at the same time the head of the department and any other interested head of the holding.


The big plus for the introduction was that the introduction of the group’s customers include some of the staff responsible for strategic planning and development of the holding. This gave the opportunity to not just transfer the existing processes in the system, and implement, while enhancing and developing them.


"We are very pleased that the project management system Advanta — a kind of designer, any project we can adjust as we need it, without the extra effort and headache.

In addition, we have long dreamed of the ability to provide access to third parties, in this case — to external experts in agriculture. Invited experts give the necessary rights, and he begins to communicate with our staff, to put them tasks and track the progress of any point of the country.

Although short time has passed since the implementation, using the system, we have seen the challenges and risks, which simply did not notice. We can say that we solve the looming crisis in the bud. Advanta has allowed us to take a fresh look at the processes that occur in our project management "- concluded Berdov Vyacheslav, head of business process reengineering KOMOS Group.


  • Logo komos groups
  • Logo komos groups

MEPC groups — The company that unites some of the most important companies producing food in Udmurtia and the Perm region. The structure KOMOS Group includes three poultry farms, four plants that produce dairy products, two farms, the plant feed.


Implementation of investment projects, product quality and production standards contribute to achieving the main goal — the development of the region, contribute to the implementation of food safety policy. The group is characterized by high degree of vertical and horizontal integration — from primary production to retail sales, the optimal geographic location of production sites, the presence of strong regional brands.


Company Advanta Group operating in the Russian market since 2004, has partners in different regions of Russia.


The main activity of Advanta Group is to create enterprise project management platform based Advanta — the only Russian class system PPM — Project Portfolio Management (Portfolio Management) fully implemented on Web-interface.


Advanta Group uses its own technology implementation, which allows a short time to get set and automated project management processes.

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