A new school in Aviagorode — a welcome gift for the anniversary of the city of Orenburg

On the eve of the Day of Knowledge in Aviagorpdok long-awaited opening of secondary school number 11, built at the expense of the regional budget. This is another gift of Orenburg to 270th anniversary of the city.

The old school building has long needed to be repaired, eventually began to appear signs of the accident. At the end of 2011, the technical examination showed that the recovery may require not less financial cost, the week the new building. All of the construction of the old school continued to work on its maintenance of the extra funding was allocated.

The new school building number 11 was designed and built in accordance with modern requirements for educational institutions. The three-story building includes 16 classrooms, an assembly hall with 240 seats, a dining room for 152 seats, a sports hall and gym. There will study 400 children aged 7 to 17 years, including 46 first-graders. 26 students will meet teachers.

According to the Governor George Berg, from the old school there will be only room — 11 and good traditions of the training and education of the younger generation.

— Builders are trying not only to complete the construction on time, but also to create all conditions for comfortable work of teachers and the successful education of children — he said, speaking at the opening of the school head of the region. — I am grateful to the contractor — LLC "ListPromStroy" director Sergei Petrov, for the next qualitative object.

In Aviagorpdok home to about 500 children of school age. The new school will train 370 people (school designed for 400 students), including 46 first-graders. The total number of teachers — 26 people. At the beginning of 2013-2014 academic year in secondary school number 11 extinct 50 students from other educational institutions of the city of Orenburg (out of school № № 34,35, lyceum № № 2,6).

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