A new study has shown that a person can live up to 500 years



A new study has shown that a person can live up to 500 years
19.11.03, the


People can live several times longer. But it will happen, if they will agree to a small genetic changes, such as those that have suffered laboratory worms. American and Portuguese scientists conducted experiments to extend the life of worms. After several interventions in the genes and in the hormonal system worms are living six times longer than usual. In human terms, they have lived for more than five centuries.

As is known, scientists around the world are working on issues related to the extension of life. Some try to find the answer to low-calorie diets, others are turning to systems of reproduction, a third — metabolism. Here's metabolism and is associated with the experiment. The main change began experimenting with the hormone insulin and IGF-1. Touching upon the gene responsible for the production of insulin, and thus weakening the effect of the hormone, the researchers have succeeded in life expectancy has doubled worms.

It should be noted that gene selected for experimentation worms coincides with many animal genome and the human genome. However, the next step of scientists hardly likely to appeal to people — in worms removed the reproductive system. This, in turn, further increase the lifetime.

Among the major achievements of the experiment emphasizes that worms lifelong behaved active. Never before have not been able to increase the life expectancy of a living being in so much time.


































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