A new trailer from sliding Ural Engineering

Chelyabinsk engineering plant trailers (ChMZAP, JSC "Uralavtopritsep") is a new multi-axled semi-trailer ChMZAP 99903-035-T with a sliding frame. This trailer has replaced the sliding Heavyweights ChMZAP 93371-010 on a spring suspension axles with unmanageable.

This trailer has a single telescope that can increase the length of the platform is 7 meters, which provides greater strength and bearing capacity of the frame. The most critical parts of the frame are made with the use of Swedish steel. In the configuration ChMZAP 99903-035-T used air suspension BPW, which provides a uniform load, the first three axes unmanaged, the last — Self steering. A new trailer has a modified design gusachnoy part, and an updated design complies with the latest trends of the trailers, which was presented at the recent European manufacturers of international exhibitions.

A new trailer has a capacity of 51.5 tons in closed position (in an extended 4.35 m). Curb weight of 15.5 tons of semi-trailer, fifth-wheel load of 23 tons in the closed position (in an extended 19 m). The length of the loading platform 10.04 m, with extendable increased to 17.04 meters. Semi-trailer equipped with a sliding cargo platform widened. For ease of use gander equipped with an awning. The service braking system EBS company WABCO.

Trailers ChMZAP in the




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