A new water-based paints plant factory Empils (addition to a review in June)

June 14. In accordance with the program of modernization of the company Empils (Rostov-on-Don) completed the construction of a new plant water-dispersion paints.

 Photo source:empils.ru

The shop installed new equipment: pumps, Dispersers, packaging lines.
To equip the department acquired an Italian dry raw material dosing system and a line of automatic packing of finished products.

 Photo source:empils.ru

Construction of a new plant due to a gradual increase in demand for environmentally safe and modern paint products, water-based and growing proportion of waterborne products in the total volume of "Empils." The increase in production and sales of paints JSC "Empils" water-based in 2009 and 2010 was 30% per year. Currently, the new shop WEC manufacture products under the brands of "Halo," "Halo DISCOUNT" and "Halo guarantee."

 Photo source:empils.ru

In the first phase of modernization of production base of "Empils" last year was reconstructed Workshops enamels number 1. Innovations helped increase productivity, to give mobility production, reduce time each batch of coatings to reduce the loss of raw materials, and to improve working conditions and to minimize the impact on the environment. And in June of this year at the plant "Empils" joined a new production facility for the production of derevozaschitnyh compositions.

The next step in the implementation of the program of modernization of the plant "Empils" will be the global reconstruction nail shop.

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